Pragmatism As a Way of Life : The Lasting Legacy of William James and John Dewey
by Putnam, Hilary
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Pragmatism As a Way of Life : The Lasting Legacy of William James and John Dewey
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Hilary Putnam (1926-2016) was one of the most influential American philosophers of the past hundred years. Ruth Anna Putnam (emer., philosophy, Wellesley College) was Hilary Putnam's wife, and she is an authority on classical pragmatists William James and John Dewey. Macarthur (Univ. of Sydney, Australia) has brought together 27 of the Putnams' essays on pragmatism, most from the early 21st century. Two of the essays were coauthored, and one had not been published before. Although the material is valuable, especially for those interested in Hilary Putnam's work and the classical pragmatists, the general utility of the collection is questionable, given that 26 of the essays are readily available elsewhere in books and journals. But the book has some value for nonspecialists interested in learning more about Hilary Putnam, James, and Dewey. In addition, it will serve specialists conducting research on Hilary Putnam's philosophy--especially on how his interests in pragmatism intersect with epistemological issues related to the fact/value distinction, perception, and realism--or researching contemporary interpretations and implications of classical pragmatism. Summing Up: Recommended. With the above caveat. Upper-division undergraduates through faculty. --Luis H. Favela, University of Central Florida
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