Welcome to my index of Wikimedia Labs tools I (User:Jarry1250) have been involved in the development of. If you have any queries, you can always contact me by leaving a message on my en.wp talk page or by following that page's "Email this user" link on the lest hand side. Note that tools may be periodically removed. If you rely on one that does get removed, just tell me and I will replace it for you. The last such rotation was in February 2019, during the transition to Debian.
Count the number of transclusions a template has.
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Live scores, plus individual and competition totals.
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SVG Check
Preview the display of SVG files and detect errors.
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Search page titles on a wiki using regular expressions.
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Wikimedia UK events
Auto-generated .ics (calendar) file
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Scripts underlying other tasks performed by my bots
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