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JUN 11, 2021
Can Biden ease diplomatic tensions with Russia?
President Joe Biden meets world leaders at the G-7 summit. With post-Brexit tension between continental Europe and Britain, we look at the role Biden can play to help ease diplomatic tensions. Plus, Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega has launched a brutal crackdown on his political opponents. It appears to be an attempt to clear the field so he can run virtually unopposed in the November elections. And a look at the future of Afghanistan with the person in charge of diplomatic efforts to negotiate a deal between the US and the Taliban.
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JUN 10, 2021
G-7 leaders urged to boost climate finance to poorer nations
Wealthy nations pledged 10 years ago to provide $100 billion a year for developing nations to mitigate climate change. The United Nations estimates that countries are $20 billion behind that goal and urged G-7 leaders to step up. Also, the controversial Keystone XL pipeline project in Canada has been canceled, but the oil industry is hugely important for the Canadian economy. And, it’s a good week for bitcoin as El Salvador became the first country to adopt the cryptocurrency as a legal tender.
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JUN 9, 2021
Biden heads to Britain on first overseas trip as president
This week, Joe Biden takes his first overseas trip as US president, heading to the United Kingdom to meet with Prime Minister Boris Johnson. And, China's ultramarathon racing community was rocked a few weeks ago when 21 runners died of hypothermia during a competition in Gansu. Also, the White House has been under pressure to do more to address worldwide vaccine shortages that are especially acute in less wealthy nations. And the International Olympic Committee is charging ahead toward this summer’s games in Tokyo. IOC President Thomas Bach has announced the Refugee Olympic Team consisting of 29 athletes from 11 countries, competing across 12 sports.
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JUN 8, 2021
Transnational criminal gang bust via FBI app 
Officials in the US, Australia and Europe on Tuesday for the first time revealed details on a massive criminal gang bust operation that involved law enforcement in more than 16 countries. And, Gaza’s medical infrastructure was verging on collapse even before the recent conflict with Israel. Now, conditions are even more dire. Also, in celebration of the United Nations World Oceans Day, Cuban singer and violinist Yilian Cañizares has released a song called "Yemayá," her tribute to the West African goddess of the sea.
48 min
JUN 7, 2021
Vice President Kamala Harris in Guatemala on migration mission
Vice President Kamala Harris was in Guatemala on Monday, her first stop in a mission to work on reducing migration to the US by seeking to improve conditions in Central American countries. And, in Burkina Faso, two days ago, Islamist extremists killed more than 130 civilians, according to local officials. This was the worst terrorist atrocity in the history of the country. Also, cities around the world are designing reopening plans and imagining postpandemic life. Human behavior is hard to change, but experts say this is an opportunity to create a new normal.
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JUN 4, 2021
Peruvians head to the polls to pick their next president
Peruvians will choose a new president this Sunday, amid one of the biggest economic downturns of the pandemic across Latin America. And, the world marks the 40th anniversary of the HIV pandemic. On June 5, 1981, the US reported the first cases of HIV and AIDS that would turn the world upside down, killing at least 32 million people. The Biden administration is fast-tracking some asylum cases along the US-Mexico border, but some advocates are raising concerns about fairness. Also, a new documentary called “The Six'' highlights the lives of six Chinese survivors aboard the Titanic, and why their stories were neglected for years.
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