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All the Links You could possibly need to start your guestbook
Start your own guestbook NOW!!!
Even if you don't have a web server, you can implement your own guestbook like these users did.
If you decide to implement wguestbk on your home page, I will list the latest changes and enhancements on this page as well as the current or upcomming status/scheduled downtime/etc..
Also visit the Guestbook Server Comments Area to ask or review others' questions and/or comments
By the way, thanks to those who have given me their suggestions for improvements and features. I'll try to get them in as soon as I can, or something like that!
After you try it, please Give Feedback or ask questions. I will use the guestbook myself for this. Please leave your email address if you would like update info about the server. I will also use this as the FAQ database for the guestbook server. If you have a question, please look there before you send me email.

Let's try it....
Add the following lines of code to your home page where you want the guestbook links replacing the xxxxxx (your guestbook name) with something you feel will be unique. It is possible to use someone else's so be (somewhat) creative.
Your best bet is to use your mouse and copy the text right off this page if your browser supports such a thing (not using view source) and pasting it right into your homepage.
Please feel free to use it. All I ask is that if it doesn't seem to work please check the reasons for failure and the FAQ before you e-mail me
If you do send me email you must include the code from your homepage so I can look at it. That is the fastest way for me to figure out what is wrong.
Remember...the xxxxxx (your guestbook name) should be exactly the same on both lines of code. Here is the code for the "faster version" go ahead and try it. If you would like to test it first use "xxxxxx" or "test" as your guestbook name.
The code...
<a href="http://www.lpage.com/cgi-bin/wgb.pl/xxxxxx"> Sign my Guestbook </a> <br>
<a href="http://www.lpage.com/wgbdocs/xxxxxx.html"> View my Guestbook!!!</a> <p>
Notice that the second line has a .html after the xxxxxx. That is important! Here's the same code ready to go. You can try it. This is how it will work on your homepage:
Sign my Guestbook
View my Guestbook!!!

Registering your gustbook with the server...
After you test it and decide on your guestbook name you must register it with us. Registering your guestbook will give you the following you won't otherwise have:
Why do we need a password? Our delete feature will require it!
How much does the use of the Guestbook Server Cost...
For now our idea is to have sponsors or businesses help pay to maintain it. If you know of a business that may benefit from this, please pass them our way. If you are a student there is currently no charge. If you have a business and are using this server to help increase your business, it is not free! Please sponsor the guestbook. When you sponsor this server, your link will show up at the top of the response page whenever a guestbook is signed (over 50,000 times weekly, so far and growing. If you wish to see an example of how your ad will appear, click here. This could increase the hits on your site significantly). Check our Rates
If you're wondering just how many hits your ad could have received while you've been reading this page, note that 605804 ads had been displayed since your arrival. Refresh the page and check out the difference in the total.
We often receive requests for major enhancements and can write custom code for your site, if you wish.
If it didn't work here's why it didn't work...
Using your own custom form with the Guestbook Server...
If you are interested you can create your own custom form in html to access our guestbook. If you did your own homepage then you can did this too :). Here's the sample HTML code you need to do it. It will require extremely minor modifications before you put it to work but can be tested as is. Why do this?...
  1. It will be faster for your guests.
  2. You can add your own options to the dropdown list box.
  3. You can add your own images and lots of etc. too
  4. It will also be faster for checking your guests because the more people that use their own form, the fewer times my form generator is used. In other words we will be distributing the necessary processor time required to fill out a form to hundreds of machines around the world instead of just mine. Does this sound technical, it's not, but it sure helps.!
Don't forget to Register!
If you are a current user of the Guestbook and you have not registered, please add your site now!
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