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"There is a tide..."
AdZe's Fall Weather Forecast: Below Average temperature with early frost and snow.
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While the elite have historically made use of astrology, much of it has been a private affair.
Public astrology almanacs are an American tradition begun by Benjamin Franklin, the guy on the $100 dollar bill. A copy of his Poor Richard's Almanac is on permanent display at the Franklin Institute Museum in Philadelphia​. Even before Ben did his thing, astrology almanacs were popular in England, and date all of the way back to ancient Babylon and the earliest written words. The idea central to an astrology almanac is to look ahead and plan ahead and to get a good feel for the future. After all, "forewarned is forearmed."
I've been publishing astrology Almanacs since 1984. On the public record I've successfully predicted the collapse of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, the stock market high of 1996, the fall of the Berlin Wall, the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Hurricane Andrew, the fall of Marcos and Baby Doc, the ice storms of 1993-4, the Blizzard of 1996, Frank Sinatra's success with "Duets", Clinton's victory over Bush and many, many others.
Starting now we will keep absolute records at adze.com. Past issues of the almanac will go in archives. You're invited to print out this page and keep track of our success. With AdZe's Almanac you can keep abreast of changes and cope with millennium madness.
All things being equal, the first light of the New Moon is an excellent time to begin new projects. Take that first step towards a goal that matters to you. Go ahead and initiate that action plan on the first light of the New Moon. Make a new beginning.
The next new moon is on October 12, 10:14 AM EDT (14:14) GMT
The Full Moon brings activity to a peak. All things being equal, it is a great time for a business to have a sale and attract lots of customers. It's also a good time to stage an event where you want to attract lots of attention and emotional participation. The effects of the Full Moon start the day before and can last for up to three days after. This is when you want your movie to premier, your book to go on sale, and your wild party with friends.
To really capitalize on the power of a Full Moon, make two lists. Make a list of what you "have to do" and a list of what you "feel like doing." Find places where the lists overlap. Proceed in that direction. This is not the time for all or nothing posturing. Seek reconciliation between opposing forces. Compromise is not a sell out when it creates balance.
The next full moon is on September 26, 10:54 PM EDT ( Sept 27 2:54) GMT
During "Mercury Retrograde" periods there is an inverse relationship between hurrying and true accomplishment. Put in other words, "The hurrier I go, the behinder I get."
In practical terms, it's a good time to finish old business. It's a excellent time to reconsider, renew, review, reconcile, re-explore and other "re" themes. People will be changing their minds. False starts are possible. Allow for contingency plans. For now, put aside your pen and start using a pencil with a big eraser. Pay attention. Stop, Look & Listen.
Folks in sales successfully use this time to return to previous contacts and give the deal another try.
This is an opportune time to catch up on paper work and clean up your files. Also, go through your attic, basement and closets. Get rid of old junk. If you aren't using it get rid of it. Throw it out, sell it or give it away. Have a garage sale. You can attract what you want by making a space for it. This is a good time to return to procedures that worked well for you in the past. Get back on that diet and exercise program.
This is also a highly auspicious time of year for "stop smoking" plans to get an extra cosmic boost for success. And, since the planet Mercury has an affinity for the winds, we can expect stormy weather and wind patterns to change on or around the beginning and ending of Mercury Retrograde Periods.
The next Mercury Retrograde period is September 4, 1996 at 1:41 AM (5:41) GMT until September 26, 1996 at 1:02 PM EDT (17:02) GMT
Good days for first dates, romantic dates, and passionate dates.
September 19, October 12 passionate date
September 26, October 9, 12, 24, 25 first date
September 16, October 6, 10, 23, 24 romantic date
I'm a big "believer" in sales. I think it is Zig Zigler who says, "Nothing happens until a sale is made." I've got one half hour set aside twice a day for sales calls. These are excellent times to schedule meetings, make telephone calls, mail important letters, send out faxes etc.
11 AM-1 PM Local Time
The following periods provide an excellent time to find a job. Use these times to mail out resumes, schedule job interviews or just show up and volunteer to work. Also, these are excellent dates to hire competent help, run help wanted ads and start new employees.
October 9 and 10, November 5 and 6, December 3 and 4.
The following dates are best to list real estate for quick sale. The best times are 11AM to 1PM local time. These times are also good for listing rental properties.
September 26, October 26, November 25, December 24
ADVANCE STORM WARNINGS: Global Storm Watch and Forecast
Fall of 1996 will feature below average temperatures early frost, snow and severe storms. Look for major weather disturbances such as the formation of tropical storms, the arrival of major storms, heavy showers, major winds and such on the following dates and times (plus or minus 48 hours).
Keep up to date on current weather with the latest satelite picture.
October 6 at 12:48 GMT / 8:48 AM EDT
October 9 at 22:14 GMT / 6:14 PM EDT
October 12 at 0:39 GMT / October 11 8:39 PM EDT
November 30 at 9:12 GMT / 4:12 AM EST
December 3 at 11:43 GMT / 6:43 AM EST
December 23 at 19:39 GMT 2:30 PM EST
All times are eastern.
Week of October 14-18 Stock Market goes up with surge beginning on the 17
Terrorism and other Pluto stories March 5,1997
Spain is finished--nation splits apart 1996
Coup d'etat October 9, 1996
War initiated (by soon to be loser) February 5, 1997 8:23 PM
1999 and 2000 Rodney Dangerfield wins Academy Awards
2000 Vice-President of USA assumes office of the President.
Libertarian elected President of USA November 2, 2004
Who consults an astrologer before making stock trades? "North Americans have no idea how seriously Europeans take mystical investing," says one Crédit Suisse banker.
The New York Times, Sunday, March 12, 1995
Like everything under the sun and moon, the stock market follows rhymthic patterns. Invest at your own risk. AdZe or anyone associated with this Web Site is not responsible for your choices.
Short-Term Stock Market Direction Changes
There is a 90% chance that the market will change direction within 36 hours of the following dates.
June 20, August 2 and 13, October 4, 9, 17 and 28.
80% chance of market low January 25, 1997.

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