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Do not be alarmed: on the Lycos site, you will not find a "FAQ." What you will find in place of the highly impersonal, dissatisfying "frequently asked questions" list, is a feature we understatedly call "Help".
At any time, click on the "Help" button (on the left menu of any Lycos screen) and you'll find tips on getting what you want immediately -- based on where you are in the site.
We like to think of it as less FAQ, more YAQ ("your answered questions").
Comments? Talk to Us anytime.
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If you're entering terms with symbols or numbers (i.e., c++, 7-11, 100 B.C.), you'll probably have less luck than if you choose words (i.e, programming languages, convenience stores, ancient history).
--Use the minus (-) symbol to create a "not" search. (Enter "bank -river" to find bank when it appears without river.)
--Use a period (.) after a keyword to have an exact match. (Enter "bank." to find bank, but not bankers, banking, etc.)
--Use a dollar sign ($) when entering a word fragment. (Enter "gard$" and get garden, gardenias, etc.) This is especially helpful when you're stuck on the spelling of a word.
-- By the way, our rating numbers (i.e., first site on list is "1.000") suggest relevancy to your keyword -- not our opinion of the sites. To get our insight on the Top 5% Sites on the Web, click into "Top 5% Sites" on the main menu.
Looking for even more sites? Try a Lycos search of the Web. Looking for the best sites? See our reviews of the Top 5% Sites. Want to add your site to the Lycos Web catalog? We'd be honored (and if you're site gets highly visited, you could wind up in Sites By Subject one day.)
Looking for more sites with less commentary? Try the directory for the most-visited sites on the Web -- or do an unfiltered. Want to add your site to the Lycos Web catalog? We'd be honored (and if you're site is truly hip, you could wind up in Top 5% Sites one day.)
Looking for our Web site reviews (formerly know as "POINT")? See Top 5% Sites.
Can't find a city? Our City Guide to date covers 350 American cities. If your virtual globe-trotting calls you elsewhere, try our Top 5% Sites, Sites By Subject directory or do a Lycos search of the Web (keyword example: "Paris"). You'll find Web sites on almost any city in the world.
For better results, try entering the first letter of the first name instead of the full first name (i.e., J Doe rather than Josephine Doe).
Note: You cannot find unlisted telephone numbers through this service.
If you enter an E-mail address, you will get the street address of that server (i.e., all aol.com addresses produce maps for the AOL server location, not the individual).
Not seeing or hearing the files you found? Enter our Software section and download the appropriate helper program or browser plugin.
To successfully submit your member registration, please enter information in all the fields.

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