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06 Nov 1996 - 12 Apr 2002
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Vision For iMedia

OUR MISSION . . . to facilitate publishers' transition
from print to electronic distribution.
iMedia is transforming books from paper to fully-indexed digital hypermedia documents. We have the capability to put almost anything into the digital domain, including paper document (using scanning and OCR), video (digitizing to video CD format), and of course, multimedia publications.

Our expertise is in moving documents from page layout to (industry standard) portable document format, and bringing them to life with audio, video and animation. Our technology, called infoShip, can do the job faster and more cost effectively than other tools. Applications of this technology include brochures, catalogs, directories, magazines, books and other page-oriented documents.
Delivered on diskettes, CD-ROM or network.

IN THE FUTURE . . . iMedia plans to bring forth the Asian Culture (Arts, News, Travel etc) to everyone on the net.

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