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06 Nov 1996 - 09 Feb 2005
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iMedia specializes in the production of electronic publications. Using infoShip , our own authoring tool, publications laid out in standard DTP software can be transformed into fully-indexed digital hypermedia documents. These electronic publications are then electronically 'bound' and diseminated via diskettes, CD-ROM, kiosk terminals or over networks. Besides using our own authoring tool, iMedia also uses Director, Authorware, and a range of desktop publishing tools. We can premaster CD-ROMs, convert paper, video or multimedia to CD-ROMs.
Range of other services available :
Digital publications
Multimedia authoring
Video to CD-ROM
Internet/Web Application Development/Publishing
For more information on:
Rate card for publishers interested in electronic/multimedia and internet publications.
Samples of electronic publications done using infoShip
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