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6 Jun 1997 - 24 Sep 2022
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G​uestbooks; they are ego-gratifying. They are the living "proof" that someone has not only stopped by our personal web-of-wonder but that they have actually written a piece of fluff for us to showcase to the entire net! We love 'em, we can't live without 'em and we nosily check them repeatedly, thinking that someone else might have cruised in while we were busy poking around another site, hoping that they too had a guestbook.
Crystal clear was the day I (Paula) had my first "real" entry. Someone had signed my book! I nearly knocked the pc on the floor racing to get to that person's site, so that I could write something profound to them and beg them to come back anytime - and I meant it! 24-hours a day, 365 days a year - if I had an alarm attached to me that signaled when someone wrote in the guestbook, I'd be there in seconds! And you would too.
One problem always seems to come up though. What to write? We want it to be something that is so intriguing that the temptation to find out who this mysterious "guest" is (and of course, compel them to race to