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9 Nov 1996 - 1 Mar 2005
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Since this is brand new, please <Send Feedback to Mom>
We can think of no better way to present the information and the automatically generated forms for your use than what you are about to see. If you have any problems understanding these pages or how to use this new product, please let us know.
We would also like to create versions of this page in other languages. If you are willing to translate for us, you can have a free fully functional copy of "The Mother..." and a link.
What were those links again? Registered Users Only!
Links and Sample Forms for Registered Users
Say What?...
We are introducing a forms processor that will do everything, including slice bread. If someone actually puts a loaf of bread into a form, it will come out sliced. At least that's the way we coded it!...
Seriously, it can be used to process any form. The features are GROWING FAST and are too numerous to mention right here at the top! It is much more than a guestbook! It is much more than a mailto script.... but can be used for either or both, or anything else you can dream up!
Many scripts written for use on the web are biased toward the English language. Here we give you the opportunity to, for example, create a guestbook in any language. Try it and give us your comments and suggestions for more features! After going thru the demo forms, you'll have a chance to testdrive it on your own forms and will be given all the sample forms to make it work at home!
The Free Demo...
You will have to Register first.
After that, you will be given a link to View Your Guestbook, and our sample forms modified for your own use on your server. We are implementing a "try before you buy" product so all the functionallity will be available but your registration and your guestbook will be removed without notice. Once you pay for the service, you will remain intact until 12/31 of the current yar.
The Cost...
This guestbook costs $5 per year for students and those using it for personal purposes and probably without the business related features. For businesses and commercial homepages, there will be a $25 per year fee. (This will not include a sponsorship of our server). All registrations will expire on 12/31 of the given year, regardless of when you register during the year. We are now accepting registrations. If you are interested in using this service, please check our mailing address.
The Growing list of features, samples and whyfors...The Gory Details!
Please keep in mind as you experiment and try to soak up all these features, that after you register, examples of each of these will be created before your eyes for your own site. All you will have to do is save them to your webserver location and use them. You are not here to memorize features and implementation techniques. You are here to see a demo and download forms for you own immediate use. Relax...have a homebrew!
We got so many requests for different options on our guestbook server that we decided to make THE MOTHER OF ALL GUESTBOOK SERVERS!
It would take too much time and cost too much to keep making custom guestbooks for people. We decided to make this product to handle everyone's needs and at the same time and keep it affordable to everyone. Then we decided to make it more than just a guestbook and we went for broke.
Our new Server can handle all the form field names you want! Some of them will be reserved to have special names to do unique things automatically, like (these will be covered below)... Required Fields... Demo!
- requiredfields will check to make sure that certain fields on your form are filled in or the post will be rejected. Very simple, it is just a comma seperated list of the form fields that must be filled in.
Guestbook Related Forms...​Demo!Order Forms... Demo!Simple Insecure User Authentication​Demo!
username,password,match,pwdsuccess - these fields used together will create an insecure however, useful method to grant access to a URL. This is how it works,...
if "password" matches "match" (which should be a hidden field) then a link will be displayed that says CLICK HERE TO ENTER, when submitted. The user will be passed on the the URL supplied by the hidden field "pwdsuccess". Very insecure, but we had the request so we implemented it.
Pretty Good User Authentication​Demo!Coming Soon...
The Guestbook Demo...
We decided to put it into action a bit sooner than we originally planned because we wanted people to test it and give us their ideas. So here it is. Go ahead and sign the guestbook and the then check it out afterwards. If you are interested in using the deluxe guestbook with your own custom form, try this...
  1. Copy this forms contents, via View Source
  2. Create your own html file and save it in your html area.
  3. Modify it by adding a background, and adding all those certain form fields you've been wishing for....
  4. Save it :)
  5. Test it by running it from your browser. It will link to our CGI and work perfectly! Just don't fuss with the <form ... > tag in the html form and you should be fine.
    The following form field (must be named "email") is a special field which will automatically generate a mailto link...
    The following form field (must start with "link_") is a special field which will create a hotlink to a URL Homepage:
    What is the title of your homepage:
    How did you find us?:
    You can add a link to the response page if you call the form field myurl. A form field called myurltitle will be the title of that link. Typically these would be hidden fields (unchangable) but for this demo, i'm leaving everything exposed for your perusal. Let's try below!
    Your URL Goes Here!
    The title Goes Here!
    And How about a Thank You! This is the myresponse "reserved" form field. You will see it do it's work after you submit the form.
    How old are you:
    Where are you from:
    What's different...
    The difference is that these form fields are just a sample of what you can put on your own custom guestbook? Another difference is that certain form fields will be "reserved" as special form fields to do certain things.
    Notice that the myresponse form field will typically be hidden and has nothing to do with a guestbook form field but has everything to do with what the user will see after they submit the guestbook form.
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