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MSNBC Delivers the News, When You Want It
If you're on the Internet, MSNBC News Alert lets you know when a big story breaks. And MSNBC News Offline sends you a package of news, whenever you want it.
We Are Almost Sold Out! Sign Up Today for Next Week's Microsoft Site Builder Conference
Attend the conference Oct. 28-30 in San Jose and you'll be among the first to get the latest Visual Basic 5.0 Control Creation Edition, "Internet Studio," over 20 beta versions of products plus much more!
Finally! Your Personal Web Server is Here!
It defines scalable: The Personal Web Server makes it easy to publish on an intranet or for the Web. Download it free!
Download These Three New Normandy Technologies!
Microsoft Internet News Server lets you host electronic discussion groups.
Microsoft Internet Chat Server is a scalable server for rich, real-time chat.
Microsoft Content Replication System is for reliable, secure Internet publishing.
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Microsoft Online Institute: A Success Story
Robert McIntosh is a successful Microsoft Certified Trainer, but not long ago he was a church youth director. Read how MOLI training helped him find an exciting new career.


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