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Power Mac Rebates
Apple offers mail-in rebates of up to $450 for Power Macintosh 7600 or 8500 computers purchased between Dec. 9 and Jan. 19. Rebate coupons are available from dealers or via fax -- call 1-800-262-0329.
Prepared for the Millennium
When 1999 rolls to 2000, many computer systems will fail, but not the Apple Macintosh. Find out why the Mac will handle dates in the 21st Century and beyond.
QuickTime for All
At Internet World, Apple announced that Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer now support QuickTime playback with QuickTime Plug-in 1.1, which enables audio, video, virtual reality and animation.
Attention Gamers
Check out the latest releases on Apple's new Games Page. Arcade or adventure, strategy or simulation, you'll find great ideas for your holiday gift list.
NetCarta & HotSauce
NetCarta Corporation has signed an agreement enabling it to incorporate Apple's HotSauce Meta Content Format in its web content management tools and to use HotSauce for its more than 30,000 site maps.
Personal Web Server
Apple has released a beta version of Personal Web Sharing, which allows networked Macintosh computers to publish multimedia content using World Wide Web protocols.
Improving Support
"Anything that makes a support group more effective and efficient contributes to a better product, and this is what the Apple Internet Server Solution does," says Garry Brown, support engineer of Lockheed Martin Integrated Solutions Company, which provides systems integration services for the Department of Veteran Affairs.
Holiday Savings
Bring home a Performa and enjoy Apple Holiday Savings with a $150 rebate plus points for your school when you purchase a Performa computer, Apple display and StyleWriter printer through Jan. 19, 1997. Parents -- look at the Apple Holiday Parent Buy Program, which offers a Power Macintosh 5260/120, Color StyleWriter 1500 printer, fax modem and educational software at a very special price through Dec. 20. Guaranteed Fresh
Get the latest Apple software -- Open Transport PPP 1.0, Open Transport 1.1.2, GeoPort/Express Modem Updater 3.0, LaserWriter 8.4.1, System 7.5.5 Update, System 7.5 Update 2.0, Cyberdog 1.2 -- from Apple Support's smartly remodeled Get Info site, plus 50,000+ nuggets of useful information.
Open Transport 1.1.2
Get transported to new heights with Open Transport 1.1.2, which offers improved networking performance and reliability.
Enhanced Virtual Reality
Apple and Silicon Graphics have announced an agreement designed to enhance networked, interactive 3D content and applications via high-performance, high-quality Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML) 2.0 browsing.
HyperCard Update
Now shipping is HyperCard 2.3.5 with new features, bundled with entertainment and web publishing software including Myst, Movie Cleaner LE, LiveCard and a time-limited version of WebStar.
Cyberdog 1.2
Now released for PowerPC Macintosh is version 1.2 of Cyberdog, Apple's integrated software suite that provides easy and intuitive access to the Internet resources that you use most.
Strong in Schools
According to a report from Quality Education Data, the Macintosh now accounts for 41% of the K-12 education market, up 5% from last year, and is the computer of choice for 55% of school purchases in 1996-97. Greetings from the Performas
As seen on TV -- Performas can help parents field kids' questions about stars, fish and curveballs. Greet the whole Performa family on the Performa Website and learn about special holiday rewards.

Cool Site Archives
Back in October, Apple hosted the Webcast of the Cool Site of the Year Awards. QuickTime footage is now available in the archives, so you can hear Penn Gillette defend geekdom and find out what it takes to be the best on the Web.
Powerful Savings
Apple announced that it is lowering prices on most of its Power Macintosh computers from 9% to 30% in the United States, with similar price reductions in other countries. QuickDraw 3D 1.5
Awarded Best of COMDEX, QuickDraw 3D 1.5 for Mac and Windows brings the graphics architecture to Mac OS and 32-bit Windows for multi-platform development of 3D applications.
Software & Hardware Galore
The Mac OS Software & Hardware Guide lists the hottest software and hardware products from retail stores, product catalogs, online and directly from the publisher. Includes some shareware and freeware.

26 Million Macs & Counting
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Newton Mobility
PowerPC Is Faster
QuickTime 2.5 for Windows

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