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Core Values and Beliefs
Somewhere along the line, we've become convinced that the key to creating a truly great organization is an intense focus on the values that guide its people's actions. These are MindSpring's "Core Values and Beliefs". If we don't seem to be living up to them, call us on it!
Company Announcements
These are announcements we post to the newsgroups that are of general interest to all our users
Job Opportunities
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Local Dial-up Cities
Here's a List of All Our Local Access Cities.
Do you have a suggestion for where we should put our next POP?
Press Releases
Want to See What Has Been Print-Worthy About MindSpring?
MindSpring's Policy on Appropriate Use of Service
Our Policy. Please Respect it.
The MindSpring Crew
Mug Shots and Rap Sheets.
MindSpring's Investor Relations Page
Who We Are & Where We've Been.

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