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19 Dec 1996 - 24 Dec 2001
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InfiNet Business Services
InfiNet offers a broad range of services that allow businesses Internet access and a presence on the World Wide Web.
You can learn more and find a representative near you in the marketing partners area. We provide businesses with high-speed, dedicated connections, fulltime ISDN, dedicated SLIP/PPP accounts, dedicated servers, domain registration and name service and technical support. Our goal is to provide your organization with the type of Internet connection and presence that best serves your needs.
High Speed Access
Infinet offers a range of high-speed connectivity in many service areas. High-speed access to the Internet is ideal for organizations of all sizes from small businesses to corporations. For low-volume requirements, dedicated dial-up connections are available at 28.8 kbps. For higher volume requirements point-to-point, frame relay and ISDN are available in a range of capacity. InfiNet's fault-tolerant T3 (45 Mbps) and multiple T1 (1.544 Mbps) connections to the backbone provide you with reliable, high-speed access to the global Internet. InfiNet takes care of ordering your circuit, configuring your router, and operating the InfiNet network 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Below is a list of highspeed access services available. Select the appropriate link for more information:
Point-to-Point Leased Lines
Frame Relay
Full-time ISDN
For High Speed Access request a quotation​.
A newsfeed provides news service to those customers that have networks connected to the Internet. They provide InfiNet with the desired subjects and these items are pushed to them so they may be distributed on their LAN. Newsfeed does not have a setup cost but has a monthly charge of $45.00.
Estimates on the number of Internet users vary from 20 million to 30 million and everyone agrees it is growing rapidly. It opens enormous opportunities for businesses to advertise effectively. For some examples of InfiNet's commercial web design and programming go to our Marketplace​.
Customer Support
The Internet facilitates the free exchange of technical help, complaints, suggestions and comments. The two-way exchange of information with customers can give companies using it an enormous competitive advantage.
Electronic Mail
For many companies that pay to send information via fax, overnight delivery, or courier the cost savings from using the Internet for this application alone is more than enough to justify its use.
File Transfer
You can use the Internet to send text files, graphics, video clips and audio clips. You can even encrypt the data to ensure its security. Also, you can use this function to take data, including free software, from other sites on the Internet.
Stay current in what is happening in particular subjects in which you are interested and in those that are important to your business. Often, news is reported here first. There are several thousand groups available and it costs nothing to join or to participate.
As more businesses make use of the Internet, product information is becoming more widespread. You can often discover others who have experience with the product you are considering and who will freely share lessons learned. Also, of course, you can maintain direct, cost-free communication with key suppliers.
Through Career Web on the Internet you can advertise for skills that are hard to find.
Internet access automatically gives you free access to libraries and research laboratories around the globe. Some access is limited, but most information is available to anyone.
In addition to advertising your products and services, you can take orders. InfiNet can host and transmit your order forms using Netscape's Secure Commerce server environment.
You can use your Internet access to provide training or to receive it.
InfiNet will be pleased to help you fit these applications to your business needs. Send us an email at access@infi.net or call (757) 664-2207 or 1-800-836-3267. You can also fax us at (757) 623-9669.
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