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20 Dec 1996 - 28 Oct 2009
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GeoCities Milestones
October 31, 1996
GeoCities records 15 million hits in a single day! Our heaviest traffic day ever, and exactly twice the amount of July 29, 1996. That's a 100% increase in three months.
October 14, 1996
GeoPlus debuts! Now you can experience GeoCities on a whole new level.
August 6, 1996
GeoCities registers homesteader number 100,000!!! Thank you GeoCitizens.
July 30, 1996
We complete our new look. Each of our 24 neighborhoods now has unique original artwork that matches its theme.
July 29, 1996
Our heaviest traffic day ever, with more than 7.5 million hits! That's 17 percent higher than the previous Monday, and 36 percent higher than the same day one month earlier.
July 29, 1996
We add free E-mail to our long list of free services. Now all GeoCities members get their own GeoCities E-mail account (​membername@geocities.com​). Sign up for your free Personal Home Page today, and then read about getting your own GeoCities E-mail account.
July 26, 1996
We roll out our first VRML GeoWorld, including live 3-D chat. It's totally interactive -- you see animated representations of everyone else in the room.
July 19, 1996
We upgrade our database and expand the GeoCities registration process. Please take a moment to update your account profile and complete the requested information.
July 15, 1996
We install new Apache Server Software in our network of web servers. Besides vastly improving response times, you no longer have to use the long URLs to reach the main neighborhood and help pages.
July 8, 1996
We announce our first new neighborhood redesign! WallStreet gets a facelift.
July 3, 1996
We roll out our new Home Page design and update our look. Let us know what you think!
June 21,1996
We continue our infrastructure expansion by installing additional web servers and buying additional bandwidth capabilities.
June 20,1996
We expand our list of supported file types, adding support for RealAudio (.ra, .ram), Shockwave (.dcr, .dir,.dxr) and TrueSpeech (.tsp). Also, we now support VRML (.wrl). These and the other supported file types are always listed on our GeoCities Supported File Types List.
June 8, 1996
We add a new feature for our homesteaders: Forms support is now available for your home pages. Read about it and see our sample forms to get you started.
May 29, 1996
We introduce a new Home Page Editor that offers you more flexibility in developing your home page. You can now edit any ".html" file in your directory and even create new html pages from scratch.
May 14, 1996
We welcome our 50,000th homesteader and launch six new online neighborhoods -- CapeCanaveral(r), Vienna(r), Yosemite(r), NapaValley(r), Heartland(r) and HotSprings(r) -- expanding to 24 our advertising-sponsored communities, where GeoCitizen homesteaders create free home pages and content themed to real-world landmark locations.
May 8, 1996
Paul Reiser, Helen Hunt and Murray the Dog from "Mad About You," Jennifer Aniston from "Friends," Andrew Shue from "Melrose Place," Jennie Garth from "Beverly Hills 90210" and other stars join The GeoCities Online Celebrity Challenge.
April 3, 1996
Upgrades to our infrastructure continue. We've received many E-mails from visitors and GeoCitizens who have noticed the improved performance and system response.
March 29, 1996
The database is successfully upgraded and performance appears to be improved. Homesteaders may modify their user profiles, move to a new GeoCities address, and even use FTP to update their pages.
March 8, 1996
The relentless homesteading of GeoCities neighborhoods continues unabated. Today we add 500 additional addresses to the old favorite SiliconValley, as well as to the newly popular RainForest and SoHo neighborhoods.
March 5, 1996
We introduce a specially designed Lycos search engine for GeoCities. GeoCitizens and visitors alike can do a Lycos Search within GeoCities for words and phrases. The database of searchable words will be updated each night. This allows users to find home pages of interest quickly and efficiently.
February 29, 1996
We announce a new Password Utility that allows users to request their password automatically. If you never received your password, or have lost or forgotten it, check out this new feature today! Also, we add 500 more addresses to SiliconValley.
February 26, 1996
We register our 30,000th homesteader ! We also begin supporting Java today -- homesteaders can now upload and implement java applications on their home pages.
February 23, 1996
Construction of the new neighborhoods is complete. There are 500 new homesteads available in BourbonStreet, MotorCity, RainForest, and SoHo. We are looking for pioneers to colonize the new neighborhoods. Read the neighborhood descriptions and apply or move to a brand new home in a newly constructed neighborhood.
February 22, 1996
We institute our GeoCities Neighborhood Watch Program. Check out the details on the Neighborhood Watch Page and help us keep GeoCities a pleasant place for everyone.
February 21, 1996
GeoCities continues to be a popular place to hang your hat in cyberspace. As we approach 30,000 homesteaders, some of our more popular neighborhoods were running out of available space. Today we have added 500 additional addresses each to Athens, Hollywood, Paris, SiliconValley, SunsetStrip, and TheTropics. There is now plenty of room in all 14 neighborhoods. Any GeoCitizens interested in moving to a different address or neighborhood can use the Move Utility to make the transition.
February 6,1996
As part of our neverending quest to improve GeoCities, this past weekend we upgraded to faster processors in the servers. We hope GeoCitizens and visitors alike will note an increase in system response.
January 16, 1996
GeoCities, a builder and operator of special-interest online communities located on the World Wide Web, today said CMG@Ventures, the strategic investment and development business unit of Wilmington, MA-based CMG Information Services, Inc. (NASDAQ:CMGI), has acquired an interest in the company. (Full press release)
December l5, 1995
BHI, citing the continuing growth of its 14 interactive communities on the World Wide Web at www.geopages.com, today changed its name to GeoCities.
October 23, 1995
BHI, which builds interactive communities on the World Wide Web called GeoCities, recorded its l0,000th resident today.
August l5, 1995
BHI today opened four more virtual communities based on real-world locations, raising to l4 the number of interactive "GeoCities" BHI has launched on the World Wide Web in the past two months.
July 20, 1995
BHI said today its GeoCities, virtual communities erected on the World Wide Web named after real-world places, had more than doubled in size the past two weeks to over l,400 residents who had established free personal home pages.
July 11, 1995
BHI opened today four additional virtual communities based on real-world locations, raising to 10 the number of interactive "GeoCities" BHI has established in the past five weeks.
April 24, 1995
BHI is pleased to announce the first World Wide Web based live, full time video feed from the famous corner of Hollywood and Vine.
November, 1994
Beverly Hills Internet is launched and begins its quest to build the societies of the New Frontier. The first step in that endeavor is providing individuals a way to create their own home on the Web.
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