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GeoCitizens in the News
Some GeoCitizens have developed such good sites that reporters and editors at newspapers, magazines, online `zines, radio and television stations have taken notice. Here are some of the GeoCitizens who've been made famous in the mainstream media.
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SiliconValley 6187
Sackville Tribune Post/October 9, 1996
Marshview Student's Software Included On CD-ROM Magazine
Bryson Gilbert is your average 12-year-old until you get him near a computer. He has been using computers since he was 4 years old and last month all that computer time paid off when a program Bryson developed ended up on an issue of MacSense, a Canadian monthly magazine on CD_ROM for Macintosh computer users. Now the program, Raptor, is available on Bryson's personal web page at http://www.geocities.com/SiliconValley/6187​.
The New Yorker/November 18, 1996
New York Scrappers
While the skyscrapers of Manhattan are the city's true landmarks, most New Yorkers have little time to look at them, let alone to really learn anything about them. It is all the more touching, then, that a Finnish architect, of all people, has put our best-known buildings on-line for us, making the leap from global village to virtual metropolis.
You too can see New York's most notable structures at http://www.geocities.com/CapeCanaveral/3366/nyc.html
SoHo 9120
MediaCentral Newsletter
The Official MSN2 Hate Site
Of course, not everyone is happy about Microsoft's new Web-centric approach, and among the 1.6 million users of Microsoft's proprietary version of the Microsoft Network, there are some who would just a soon leave well enough alone. While the new wave of CD-ROMs for the service (unofficially dubbed MSN2) pack such enhanced features as talk shows, news, and other television-like features, it's a far cry from the spare, Clement Mok-designed interface of the original MSN. In Microsoft's haste to double its membership by next June, many users are accusing the new service of cribbing too much from television, and being too graphics-heavy and bandwidth-insensitive. These and other software crimes are enumerated in the "official MSN2 hate site" which documents the dissent: http://www.geocities.com/SoHo/9120
New Orleans Times Picayune, October 31, 1996.
Listen to the color of your dreams
This is Lonni's land of the Beatles Shrine and you can access it at http://www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/9947
EnchantedForest 1003
Windows magazine, November 30, 1996
The Web Mistress of Kidslinks has put together a site that offers 400+ fun links and 16 PC shareware programs making http://www.geocities.com/EnchantedForest/1003 a special place to visit.
Colosseum 4191
The Ottawa Citizen, Sunday, October 6, 1996
Hockey Talk
Daigle Fans told he no longer stinks
The website at http://www.geocities.com/Colosseum/4191 is a labor of love for Caroline Cooper of Chobham, in Surrey, England, who has even taken on the task of providing the site in both official languages, despite her concerns about her relative lack of proficiecy in French.
The site, already massive, grows daily with everything from the latest photos of Alexandre -ever wonder what his locker looks like? - To Caroline's brilliant "Claim to Fame Page", which invites other young fans to send in pictures of Alexandre as he dashes for the team bus or through hotel lobbies.
Since June 15, 1646 modem visitors have dropped in on this site. (...)
SiliconValleyHeights 7041
M Computing, September/October 1996
M and the Internet: Opportunities Galore! by R. Walters, E de Moel, J. Loeb and K. Schell
Answers to M-Related Questions
The MTA home page has many answers to questions (FAQs or Frequently Asked Questions) asked about many facets of M. Some other FAQ sources include:
Chris Bonnici's M Home Page (on the isle of Malta!) http://www.geocities.com/SiliconValley/7041
RodeoDrive 2995
Web Sites You Like: Free Offers and Discounted Merchandise
Free stuff offers are updated weekly. The site also lists one of the biggest other free stuff sites that a visitor can jump to.
SiliconValleyHeights 2772
OS/2 e-zine Vol. 1 No. 12, October 1996
Site of the Week for October 16, 1996
Ron's Warped World!
This week we came across a site that's just plain cool. Ron's Warped World! is not completely unique from other sites; it has an OS/2 links page, a guest book, a section on why Ron uses Warp and (soon) a customizing Warp section. All of these things are done quite well but that's not why this site is worth visiting. Ron does something many people often forget to do; he takes one particular topic and focuses on it.
At Ron's Warped World! you will find a simple but effective HTML representation of Warp 4's interface complete with clickable objects. Why you ask? Because the purpose of Ron's Warped World is to let interested consumers get a look at Warp 4 before purchasing it. It's not rocket science but it works.
Aside from that, the site is very nice to look at with good use of graphics. It even has frames support in places (sigh, it had to happen) but attention is paid to insure that equivalent pages are avialable for those of us who have not yet switched. Have a look!
Heartland 8677Los Angeles Times, October 21, 1996
Cyberspace: The Cutting Edge
Nine-year-old Kaitlin went to New York City to see "Beauty and the Beast" and was stunned by the homeless people she encountered on her trip. That prompted her to start Kids Helping Kids, a Web site that solicits ideas for helping homeless children. Some of their suggestions are posted at http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/8677
Heartland 4839
Atlanta Journal-Constitution, September 29, 1996
Web Sites with a Personal Touch by Bill Husted
But here's what Jim Pruitt, who created a home page for the first time about two months ago, had to say: "I am thoroughly convinced that the Internet will be the primary form of communications on the planet within five years. It also provides an unprecedented forum for your average Joe to share his thoughts with the world. I think that I just wanted a way to express myself."
Pruitt got a picture of just how powerful and far-reaching that new form of communications can be after the Centennial Olympic Park bombing in Atlanta. His home page at http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/4839 shares space with other pages maintained by people from around the world. The morning after the bombing, Pruitt said that he "vented my frustration by uploading a news section expressing my grief and rage."
That set off a flood of response from his virtual neighbors in cyberspace. E-mail after e-mail arrived offering comfort, sympathy and concern.
To Pruitt, "it seemed to make it very real to me that we are truly living in a global community."
BourbonStreet 2032
Birmingham Post-Herald (Alabama), September 9, 1996
Wonders of the Web: Postcards from the Edge by Jed Graham
Since retiring two years ago, J.D. Weeks has met people all over the world, researched his family's history and collected hundreds of pre-1920 postcards of Birmingham. And he's done it all by surfing the Internet. But Weeks isn't just a surfer. He has constructed a home page on the World Wide Web that people can visit to learn about Weeks, his family and his hobbies. Weeks, 59, of Gardendale is among a rapidly growing number of Alabamians of all ages who have created their own Web addresses to promote their careers, to pursue their interests or to just have fun. "What appealed to me was being able to communicate with people around the world," said Weeks, a retired senior administrative analyst with the Jefferson County Department of Health. He has traded postcards with people as far away as Lithuania and Italy and has posted some of his collection for viewing on his Web page (​http://www.geocities.com/BourbonStreet/2032/​). He also has posted samples of his poetry, a resume and family history. Weeks also created links to other Web sites about University of Alabama football, the Birmingham Post-Herald and other places he regularly visits. "It took me a while to learn. There's hundreds of places on the Web you can go for help," he said. Weeks said he was able to download an online editor at no cost and his Internet provider allows him to post his home page free. He also has listed his address with keywords like "Birmingham" and "postcard" on several Web search engines so people with similar interests are able to find his home page.
Heartland 6009Pascack Valley Community Life, September 25, 1996
Season Underway for Emerson Soccer, Web Site Established
To keep those interested [in Emerson Boys and Girls Recreational Soccer] up to date, a homepage has been set up on the Internet by Steven Moldow, a league referee. A description of the program, including a game schedule for each division, and scores for each game - when available - can now be found at the site. The URL for the site is http://www.geocities.com/heartland/6009/soccer.html​.
Colosseum 2911The Daily Telegraph (Sydney, Australia), September 25, 1996
Between the Lines by Scott Ellis
Of all the players taking part in the ARL grand final this weekend, there's only one who has his own web site on the Internet, St George's Kevin "Champion" Campion. Someone, and no it wasn't Kevin, has set up a home page for the bloke, detailing his career so far and a few personal items - it's even linked to the official ARL web site. For those who are interested, the address is http://www.geocities.com/colosseum/2911/
Hollywood 3450 NetGuide, October 1996
Oh, What a Bizarre Web We Weave by Daniel Bubbeo
In a similarly bloody vein is Horror Classics (​http://www.geocities.com/Hollywood/3450​), a salute to horror legends (Vincent Price) and hacks (Ed Wood Jr.). Also on display are full-text versions of Bram Stoker's Dracula, and for your listening pleasure, Orson Welles' broadcast of War of the Worlds and (AAAAH!) the complete soundtrack to Plan 9 from Outer Space.
Broadway 3386 Newsweek, September 23, 1996
Cyberscope section
Midi Karaoke - At the MIDI Karaoke Web site Broadway/3386, you can sing tunes by artists from the Beatles to Green Day as the lyrics to their songs scroll by.
Hollywood 5255 .Net magazine, September 12, 1996
Hit Parade featuring information on "the hottest properties on the Net this month"
The unofficial home page of the Partridge Family" - Jump on the psychedelic bus to the C'mon, get happy unofficial home page of the Partridge Family at​Http://www.geocities.com/Hollywood/5255 this site includes links to interviews with various `family members' including the PF Collector's Corner, the all-new PF Newsletter and `A Brush With Velvet' - true stories by PF fans."
HotSprings 1702 The Los Angeles Times, September 2, 1996
The Cutting Edge(special technology section), under Cyberspace:
The LA RSI Support Group - Do you spend so much time typing away at your computer that you suffer from a repetitive stress injury? If so, check out the LA RSI Support Group's home page at http://www.geocities.com/HotSprings/1702​. Learn more about the condition through links to other Internet resources and find the date and location of the group's upcoming meetings.
Hollywood 5848 USA Today Online, September 4, 1996
Potholes USA Today Online
Kermit The Frog Worship Page - Of course many Hollywood starlets and various supermodels have their own Web "worship" pages. Now, Kermit does, too. Includes a recipe for "chocolate frog." Alicia Silverstone, eat your heart out.
Colosseum 4000 GQ Magazine, July, 1996, p. 94, Review by Don Steinberg
QuickHits by Don Steinberg
All the News That's Fit
Cyberpump!This lively on-line rant by devotees of high intensity weight lifting includes a regular summary of erroneous advice given in muscle magazines.
Hollywood 1645 Entertainment Weekly, April 5, 1996, Review by Ty Burr
The Psycho Home Page - For a site devoted to the most influential horror movie of all time, this is more barren than a room at the Bates Motel. There are essays badly translated from the French, a minimal plot synopsis, a handful of publicity stills, and four measly sound clips. Well, okay, there's a nifty trivia section (did you know that to ensure total secrecy, Psycho was filmed under the working title Wimpy?), and the video clips of the shower scene are fun if you're willing to wait ...
TheTropics 2634 Wall Street Journal, April 4, 1996, Article by Walter Mossberg
Ted Williams Page - There are the hero-worship pages. My own favorite is devoted to ... Ted Williams, the greatest Red Sox player ever, whose .406 batting average has stood unmatched for 55 years, far longer than even Ruth's single-season home run mark stood. But I'm still mad about the Ruth deal.
Hollywood 1158 Los Angeles Times, March 13, 1996, Article by Daniel Akst
Ear-chives - I remapped Windows error messages, linked in some previous bout of time-wasting to the nerve-racking sounds of a car crash, so that whenever something goes wrong I hear Homer Simpson's sharp "Duh!" One of these days I'll figure out some use for Clint Eastwood saying, "Go ahead. Make my day" or the "News on the March" fanfare from Citizen Kane. I found all these via the Ear-chives.
Hollywood 1548 Online Access, January 1996
Unofficial Randy Travis Fan Page. This Web page features biographical information of country musican Randy Travis, concert dates and reviews, and a guide to Travis' acting career.
CapitolHill 1246 Online Access, December 1995
For the Love of a Wolf. Find information about wolves here and read a firsthand account of what it's like to keep a wolf as a pet.
Paris 1029 St. Louis Post-Dispatch, October 5, 1995, Article by James Cook
Ever dream of a swanky address but found you just couldn't make the house payments? Want to land in those ZIP codes 63124 or 90210? How about a spot on Times Square, Sunset Strip, Rodeo Drive or even Broadway? A pipe dream? Not on the net... you can have a home page at one of the above addresses or at any of almost a dozen other prime "locations."
CapitolHill 1848 Los Angeles Times, September 27, 1995, Article by Adam Bauman
The Conspiracy site, one of the most intriguing sites around, is a collection of links and information about famous conspiracies, UFOs, Cold War crimes and secret government agencies.
SunsetStrip 1064 Southland Blues, September 1995, Article by Richard Hixson
Jack's L.A. Blues Picks - The site, which includes some outstanding graphics, contains a host of information on upcoming blues performances at the club, hyperlinks to Jack's L.A. Blues Picks of the Week as well as dozens of links to a wide variety of very interesting blues-related Internet sites. I highly recommend that you check it out, and kudos to Jack for a spectacular addition to the Southland blues scene.
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