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20 Dec 1996 - 14 Feb 2013
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GeoCities Free Member Email Program
GeoCities is pleased to offer the beta version of our free email program for all of its members. Through the phenomenal success of our homesteading program, and the support of our advertisers and sponsors, we are able to provide a free email account to everyone on the web.
This email account will be your permanent email address, so that even if you switch access providers, you will always have one address to call "home". You may also find it more convenient to receive your personal email in your GeoCities account, to avoid the uncomfortable feeling of receiving personal email at your place of business. Wherever you go to access the Internet, you can always check in on your GeoCities mailbox by configuring your Netscape Web Browser with the appropriate settings.
Important Notice:
Due to the overwhelming initial demand, we have been forced to place a few limitations on the member email program. They are as follows:
  • Mail left on the server over 7 days will be deleted. Please configure your Netscape browser to remove mail from server.
  • All accounts are limited to 500kB of mailbox space at one time. This should be plenty for everyone, as long as mail is downloaded and removed from the server on a regular basis.
For detailed help with your GeoCities Email account, please read our new Email Account Help Page.
How do you sign up?
Current members:
Go to the Profile Editor to sign up. Be sure to check the "yes" box in the "GeoCities E-mail Account" section of the form.
Visitors and non-members:
In order to get your own free GeoCities email account, go to our Information Page and read about our free Personal Home Page Program. In a matter of minutes, you'll be completing the registration form and securing your own space in one of our twenty-four themed Communities. Once you become a GeoCities member, a free email account is just one of the many benefits that you'll receive while you're here. You'll be able to sign up for it while you're completing the application form.
We also offer the most user-friendly utilities, including your choice of two home page editors. We allow unlimited page modifications through either of the home page editors or via FTP. We allocate a full megabyte of disk space to allow you to fully express your ideas, and support an incredible number of different filetypes to encourage your creativity.
Read about all of the other benefits of becoming a "GeoCitizen" and make plans to move in to your new home today.
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