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06 Dec 1998 - 15 Mar 2002
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Welcome to LinkExchange!
Through an exclusive partnership between GeoCities and LinkExchange, GeoCities members can now promote their sites both within GeoCities and on the rest of the web. The concept of LinkExchange is simple: by joining, you agree to display advertising banners for other LinkExchange members, and they agree to display banners for you.
LinkExchange is similar to the banner exchange portion of the GeoRewards program. We invite you to participate in both! GeoRewards helps promote your site within GeoCities; LinkExchange takes your banners to pages in GeoCities and tens of thousands of others on the Web.
The amount of free advertising you receive from LinkExchange is directly proportional to the amount you give to others. The LinkExchange system will automatically display your banner on their growing network of tens of thousands of web pages. In addition to giving you instant access to free banner advertising, they also provide you with up-to-the-minute statistics.
You don't need a lot of technical expertise to become a member. All you need is the ability to insert the LinkExchange HTML code into your web pages.
How It Works
Here's how it works. Once you sign up, you'll be given some HTML code to insert into your web page. Each time somebody views your web page, a graphical banner like the one below will automatically appear.
This banner will be an advertisement for either another member or for LinkExchange. Each time their system displays a banner on your site, they'll automatically credit your LinkExchange account with 1/2 a credit. For every full credit your account earns, their system will display your banner on other members' sites.
For example, if your site displays 1000 banners, your LinkExchange account earns 500 credits, and their system will display your banner 500 times on other LinkExchange member sites. Your credits will be spent automatically by their system, as long as you have submitted a banner that is approved for display on other members sites.
Free AdsMembers advertise their sites for FREE. Because LinkExchange is supported by sponsors, members receive the benefits without paying a cent!
CategoriesWhen you join you'll qualify your site in their 1600+ categories. This will enable you to target and filter banner ads as well as create your listing in their Surf Point search engine!
TargetingMembers determine where they want their banner ad to be shown. You can target by category, rating level and business status. You're in complete control!
Rating System and FiltersLinExchange's rating system and filtering technology helps ensure that the banners appearing on your site are appropriate for your audience, and that your banners appear on sites that would appeal to your potential visitors.
PLEASE NOTE: LinkExchange does not accept sites containing adult material, links to adult material, or other inappropriate content as outlined in their Terms and Conditions.
Site StatsYou can view your stats in a summary or daily format. LinkExchange provides you with up-to-the minute statistics about:
  • The number of times your site is visited
  • The number of times your banner is displayed
  • The number of times your banner is clicked on
  • Your display-to-click ratio
Surf PointSurf Point is a searchable directory of all LinkExchange members. It's a great place to find and be found, and a valuable tool when you're planning your advertising campaign.
I'm ready to join LinkExchange!
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