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21 Dec 1996 - 27 Oct 2009
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Written by Starving Writer
My Spider-Sense tells me that you are webslinger number to pick up the Daily Bugle.
I finally finished the no-frills version of the Daily Bugle Headlines. Sorry it took me so long to complete this. I was set to work on it Saturday, but GeoCities crashed, and was down the entire day. From Sunday to Tuesday I had to study and take my finals. But now, they're all done with. Thank God!
Upcoming Project: The splitting of the Daily Bugle Headlines into months. If you go over to the "No-Frills" Daily Bugle Headlines, you will notice that I have seperated the books into months over there. Here, I'll be adding my monthly rants and monthly best picks as well.
I'm leaving for Christmas Break. I won't return until January 10, 1997, at the earliest. So don't bother checking this page again until after that date. When I return, I'll have the reviews for all the issues I missed.
Well, I think I've dragged on long enough. On with the reviews!
Comics Reviews
October 1996
November 1996
December 1996
Novels Reviews
The Venom Factor by Diane Duane
The Lizard Sanction by Diane Duane
Carnage in New York by David Michelinie & Dean Wesley Smith
Goblin's Revenge by Dean Wesley Smith
Oh, yeah, check out the Spider-Man Message Board. This is where practically all my critics spend their free time. If you like Spider-Man, you'll LOVE this message board.
And check out Jon Couper's Unoffical Spider-Man Home Page too. It has some more reviews, plus a whole truckload of information concerning our favorite neighborhood webswinger.
Like what you see? Then vote for Area51/7176 as one of your favorite sites. :)
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