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21 Dec 1996 - 31 Mar 2022
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"From Genesis To A New Generation - Good Times April 1978 By David Fricke
An Steve Hackett Interview With Anil Prasad On 22nd August 1992
Steve Hackett In Conversation With Alan Hewitt Of The Waiting Room On 25th September 1993
Steve Hackett In Conversation With Alan Hewitt Of The Waiting Room On 7th December 1994

Steve Hackett , to me, is one of the greatest guitarists that ever lived and I adore him and his work. When I was connected to the web, I realised thar there were no web sites about this great musician and writer. Although he was mentioned in a few Genesis sites, it was just an acknowlegement that he was a member of Genesis and nothing more. I'm not sure whether if this has changed but I wanted to give Steve a better presence in the web and so this section of "From Genesis To Revelation" is dedicated to him.
I remember getting into Steve's work when I was just getting into Genesis. I think I was in Secondary School at that time. I loved the early songs of Genesis (I love the new ones too!) and I was always so amazed about Steve's playing style and sound. So beautiful and moving. Besides U2, Steve was a big influence on me to pick up the guitar. I am a self-taught guitarist and so is Steve, imagine the influence....sometimes I wonder if Steve takes in students because I would be the first to join!
I always regarded Steve Hackett as a guitarist uninterested in playing lead guitar alone. He is more sensitive to the whole song. He would play what is necessary and not just play lead all the time and I feel that is really lacking in many guitarists today. His high level of skill, technique and feel is such an inspiration to me. I also hear that he's a very nice an humble person. Boy! I really wished I could express myself better!
I really do want to make this site as informative about Steve's work as possible but I'm afraid I can't as I do not have all the materials. In this part of the world, Singapore, I seem to be the only fan and it's so difficult to get his albums here. I think I've spent a lot of time, effort and money on his albums but I never regreted it, ever. Still, my collection falls short but I hope to include items I don't have here in the future, if I'm ever so fortunate to own them in this lifetime.
If you're reading this and wondering who Steve Hackett is, well, I would like to urge you to get one of his albums and just listen to it. What a brilliant guitarist he is, maybe you'll be so crazy and start getting all his other albums after that like I did, well, I'm still trying.
If you're a fan and have articles or information about Steve Hackett, please write to me as such information is very much welcomed here. I think Steve Hackett was very underated as a guitarist and as a result was ,and probably is still, always out of the limelight, well in Singapore anyway. I have never ever seen or read any news or articles about my favourite guitarist anywhere.
Well, all I can say is that I hope information about Steve would grow here in "From Genesis To Revelation" and I plead with those who can contribute to do so. I would be very grateful.
If there was ever a lifelong ambition, I would like to meet Steve in person. Gosh! What would I say to him? I might just get tongue-tied. Well, for now, I can only dream about it. I wonder if Steve Hackett has an internet account? If he does, I wonder what would he think of this site. Well, Steve, if you're reading this, all I can say is that I love your work and I can't wait to meet you ,if that was possible, this is dedicated to you.....
I love to hear it from you!
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