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21 Dec 1996 - 28 Oct 2009
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Cool Homestead Page of the Day Results for October 1996
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October 1996
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October 30 - Yosemite 1015
View the scrapbook of some notable mountains this homesteader has climbed in Lebanon, Turkey, Iceland and Peru.
October 29 - RainForest 2221
The Snake Pit: full of slithery, slippery and highly misunderstood creatures.
October 28 - SiliconValley/Park 6123
Visit HTML Land and let this great HTML guide take you to homepage heaven.
October 25 - RodeoDrive 1031
Looking for that hard to find 45 or 78? The Vinyl Web Stop has the largest directory of vinyl record shops on the web.
October 24 - Heartland 7255
The first GeoCities homestead we've seen where you can actually take an elevator up to the roof.
October 23 - Athens 5127
Socrates is back! And she has put her philosophy on the net
October 22 - HotSprings 1837
So you hit the snooze bar ten times every morning. You might be lazy. But then again, you might have a sleep disorder. Find out here.
October 21 - TheTropics 3603
Learn about one Italian's viaggi all over the world.
October 18 - Tokyo 3618
A history of Hong Kong and a host of links to Asia at Jaunty Ho's homepage.
October 17 - SiliconValley Heights 1812
The animated gif page may replace your Saturday morning cartoons.
October 16 - Area51 2515
Don't miss Starbridge! An array of spectacular graphics featuring bright galaxies, majestic spacecraft and distant moons.
October 15 - Athens 8909
A homesteader waxes philosophical on good books, bad neighborhoods, and bad spellers.
October 14 - Yosemite 3800
Ready to go backpacking in Yellowstone? A guide to the park, complete with pictures, trails and reviews of different hikes.
October 11 - SoHo 5853
The Tao of My DisEase
October 10 - Paris 3561
A truly unique visual web essay on light and spatial relations.
October 9 - HollywoodHills 2844
A tribute to James Dean, a legendary actor and an American icon.
October 8 - MotorCity 2750
Great pictures and news about Michael Schumacher, one of the greatest Formula One drivers in history.
October 7 - WestHollywood 1348
A thoughtful and extremely complete guide about homosexuality, including the nature v. nurture debate, defining the gay lifestyle and religious issues.
October 4- Colosseum 5312
New Jersey Nets news.
October 3- RainForest 2619
Join Sarasota-Bob in building Worldlink, an ambitious site that spans the globe. You can make a difference.
October 2- BourbonStreet 1389
How did the saxophone get its name, anyway? Find out at Sax on the Web.
October 1- Paris 3852
Net Poet's Society - Commune with your muse and other talented poets.
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