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21 Dec 1996 - 14 Feb 2013
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GeoCities Partner Sites and Cool Utilities
This is a list of GeoCities Business Partners and some cool Internet utilities that they offer. Check it out often as we are always expanding our relationships to other companies on the internet.

Check out BlackSun Interactive.
Download the CyberGate Browser from BlackSun Interactive and enter their multi-user VRML worlds. CyberGate users looking at a VRML world can see and interact with one another in real time. Both person to person and group chat are supported, with threaded conversations, as well as history and participant lists.
The Internet Link Exchange is a free service designed to increase your web site's exposure. Sign up today and advertise on our network of thousands of web sites! We're the largest (and the original!) banner exchange network.

Explore the Web in a whole new way.
Download Cyber Pilot Pro from Netcarta Corporation and experience GeoCities and the rest of the World Wide Web in a whole new way. CyberPilot Pro lets you create and view Netcarta Webmaps of any sites that interest you. You can use the map to quickly find the page that you're looking for, without having to navigate through the entire site. It shows you every h yperlink on the site, neatly displayed on one page.

Search the Internet with Lycos
The only complete guide to the Internet, including the largest catalog of URLs, a directory of the most popular sites, critical reviews of the Web's top sites, real-time news links and on-target editorial content from some of the Web's most experienced, perceptive personalities.

Check out Rock Online.
Rock Online is a conglomeration of industry, fan and radio station content united in an effort to promote music. The industry side of the site is sponsored by EMI Records. WNYU, a New York college radio station provides the radio content.

Check out the coolest way to create maps on the Internet.
GeoCities is excited to present a new and innovative service exclusively for our homesteaders and visitors. By entering an address or city name, you can create detailed maps of anywhere in the country. To see some examples of this cool new product, check out the maps of our headquarters and live video cameras, or go right to the Proximus GeoViewer.
Get your very own guestbook for your GeoCities Home Page.
GeoCities has teamed up with Lpage.com to offer a new guestbook service for our homesteaders. It's easy to sign up for, and anyone can get one. This service provides you with a unique URL for your guestbook, and everyone that visits your page can sign it and leave their message. Get yours today!
Try Freeloader Today!
To get the most out of GeoCities, try FreeLoader, the First Offline Service. With FreeLoader you can download pages directly to your hard disk and surf them when you are Offline - anywhere, anytime! Avoid the internet traffic jam - download FreeLoader today!
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