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19 Dec 1996 - 14 Mar 2020
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Here are some things recently added to GeoCities

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GeoCities now gives you 2MB of space for your home page!
GeoCities says "Happy Holidays" to our homesteaders with a gift of disk space. All homesteaders are able to use up to 2 megabytes of space for their personal home page. What will you do with your extra space?
GeoCities now has its own weekly cartoonist, John Zakour.
Check out the first GeoToon today, and come back every week for a new episode.
Building a home page for the holidays?
Submit your letters to Santa, favorite holiday recipes and other holiday cheer to our special NorthPole neighborhood​. And share your holiday spirit with GeoCitizens around the world by helping us trim our virtual holiday tree!
More New Neighborhoods added to GeoCities.
The list of neighborhoods got bigger today, as we added EnchantedForest​, and TelevisionCity​. Be sure to stop by the newest GeoCities communities.
MotorCity Survey
Take a minute to fill out the new MotorCity survey, and see the results online, automatically updated after you submit your answers.
Brand New: Auto Classifieds in MotorCity …
Trying to find a bargain on a used car? Trying to sell your old one? Check out the brand new MotorCity auto classifieds. We’ve got thousands of listings from around the USA, and it’s absolutely FREE to place ads or search for the car of your dreams. Check it out.
GeoCities Member Lookup
Now you can locate a friend's home page or quickly find out a member name for your favorite GeoCities address.
Introducing GeoPlus!
Use up to 10MB for your site. Earn double GeoPoints. Post live news feeds on your home page. Get a bundle of free software from McAfee Associates. And more. Start today with our pre-launch subscription offer!
Visit the new GeoCities Financial Center in WallStreet
Get the latest stock quotes, charts and market news. Plus, enter your own portfolio and check how you're doing every day. Powered by Quote.com.
New Banner Exchange Programs
Want to draw more visitors to your site? GeoCities is pleased to announce a new addition to our family of banner exchange programs: Internet Link Exchange joins our own GeoRewards program as a new way to promote your site via custom banners that can appear on other sites all over the Web! Sign up today.
Today's Cool Homestead Page of the Day: - Daily Audio Update
Sunsets, coastal seagulls and flowers are part of the photographic fare at inetd's homepage.

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