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GeoCities Free Member Email Procedures
Welcome to the GeoCities email Help page. Here you will find important information about how to configure your mail client in order to send and receive mail at your new GeoCities email address.
The incredible demand for our free Email account has resulted in some problems with the mail server. If you are having problems with any aspect of your Email account, please read our newly assembled Email FAQ Page for answers.
Although there are several choices for downloading and reading your mail, GeoCities suggests using your Netscape Web Browser (Netscape 2.0 or greater).
Here's how to configure Netscape for both sending and receiving email using your new address:
  1. Connect to the Internet, whether via your modem or a network connection
  2. Start your Netscape application
  3. From the menu items, choose "Options", and then select "Mail and News Preferences"
  4. From the tabs at the top of the pop-up window, choose "Servers"
  5. In the space for "Outgoing Mail (SMTP) Server", type "mail.geocities.com"
  6. In the space for "Incoming Mail (POP) Server", type "mail.geocities.com"
  7. For "POP User Name", use your GeoCities member name
  8. The space for "Mail Directory" indicates the location that your mail will be stored on your hard drive. You may keep the default directory that is set by Netscape, or choose one of your own
  9. For "Maximum Message Size", choose "none"
  10. Please be sure to choose "Removed from the server" in the next field
  11. The "Check for Mail" field can be set however you'd like. If you have a network connection and use this mail account regularly, you will likely want to check for mail every 10-15 minutes
  12. Next you'll need to click on the tab marked "Identity" at the top of the pop-up window.
  13. Fill in your name in the top line, and your new e-mail address in the second line marked "Your Email"   ("membername@geocities.com", where your actual GeoCities member name is substituted for "membername".)
  14. Your "Reply-to Address" is also your new GeoCities Email address.
  15. Click on "OK"
To retrieve your mail:
  1. While you're in Netscape, choose the "Window" menu and select "Netscape Mail".
  2. Click on "Get Mail" and provide your GeoCities password when prompted.
For further help with using Netscape mail, choose "Help" from the Netscape menu bar, and then select "Handbook". Find the help information section on "Mail, News, and Bookmarks".
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