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GeoCities Home Page Resource Guide
Welcome to GeoCities collection of home page resources. This list was compiled to help you in your quest to build the perfect home page. All of the links on this page are to other GeoCitizens that are contributing their knowledge to assist their fellow homesteaders.
GeoCities has also compiled a comprehensive guide to the Internet, complete with information about Web browsers, "netiquette", and other helpful information to help you build a great page. Be sure to visit the GeoCities Internet Tools page for additional tips on home page building.
If you have a web-design help page to offer (and you are a resident of GeoCities), let us know and we'd be glad to include it on this list. If you're not a resident of GeoCities, why not sign up for your free Personal Home Page today!
SiliconValley5114 Stepping Stones
This is the place to start if you're new to the Internet, or just have a question about what it is or where to find something. This site will guide you through the basics and give you great tips on navigating the web.
Athens2090 The "Home Page" Home Page
After you've figured out what the World Wide Web is all about, you'll want to start building your own home page. This is the place to go to learn HTML. From how to make your background blue, to adding forms and tables, everything you'll need to know is explained here.
SiliconValley6763​Gilpo's How to Make Links Page
This is another must-see destination for anyone looking for HTMl tips, design ideas or a comprehensive step-by-step guide to page design. Gilpo explains every HTML tag known, including all of the possible attributes.
SiliconValley6603 The Icon Depot (Back by popular demand)
Next you'll want to start dressing up your new home with attractive graphics. Stop by the Icon Depot for all of the bars, buttons, balls, backgrounds, and icons you could ever want. There are some great Mozilla images, and also some original graphics.
SoHo1085 Mikey's Animated GIF Collection
SiliconValley5114​Gif89a Animation Gallery
To add even a little more action to your web page graphics, you may want to consider adding some animated GIFs. If so, then you'll want to visit one of these hot spots for an incredible selection, gathered from all around the Web.
SoHo3200 The Logo Shop
Check out this site when you're ready for your own custom-made logo. He volunteers his expertise to provide you with a logo for your page, as long as your page is deserving of the effort.
SoHo2365Jeff Burton's Home Page
When you think you're ready for some serious Web page graphics, you'll want to visit Jeff's pages. He'll show you some great ideas on how to create your own custom made graphics using common shareware utilities.
SiliconValley9000​Tomer's Javascript Page
This site is for the advanced HTML programmer who wants to add something extra to their page. Tomer gives you some great examples of javascript, a programming language used to create live action on your web page. Add a clock to your page, or maybe a T-banner, or even create a Netscape link. After you're done, sit back and play a game of MasterMind on-line.
Promote your home page to the world!
After you've spent the hours to build a great site, don't forget to spend a few minutes to promote it to every place that you can. Use the resources that we've compiled to publicize your site to search engines, newsgroups, and other sources, so others will know where to find you.

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