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20 Dec 1996 - 25 Oct 2009
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Win prizes and get more exposure for your site.
Give your site a sound bite!!

Click on the logo above for an audio update about this promotion.
Do you like the daily audio update that appears on the GeoCities Home Page?
30 Days for Free!!
Now you can add an audio greeting to your Web page, courtesy of GeoCities and TELET Communications. We're offering all GeoCities homesteaders a free 30-day trial of a fun new technology that allows you to record a message using a touch-tone telephone that can be heard within seconds by anyone accessing your site. Use it to welcome visitors, highlight new features or just to say what's on your mind.
All it takes is a touch-tone phone and 2 additional lines of HTML in your web page source code.
Click here for a step by step example of how it works.

Please note, a RealAudio player is required to listen to the audio messages.
You can download a copy of the RealAudio player at www.realaudio.com
Once set up, you will have 30 days to enjoy this new product. In return, we ask two simple things:
1. REGISTER: Please submit your GeoCities membername and password and tell us a little about who you are.
2. DISPLAY DIALWEB LOGO: We ask that you use the "DialWeb Audio Update" logo somewhere on the pages using our technology. We'll give you the URL for this upon completion of the registration process.
At the end of 30 days, your links will automatically expire. Unless you choose to upgrade for ongoing service.
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