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GeoCities Community Leaders
Many homesteaders have asked us how they can contribute to the development of the GeoCities communities. The Community Leaders program lets selected GeoCitizens take an active role in shaping their neighborhoods. You'll find a list of each neighborhood's leaders by going to the main neighborhood page and clicking on the Community Leaders link in the left column.
Community Leaders are responsible for:
  • Responding to members' questions by e-mail
  • Identifying the best sites in each neighborhood
  • Notifying GeoCities of homesteads that violate the content guidelines
  • Helping GeoCitizens create home pages and helping new members get settled
  • Acting as an official liaison with GeoCities staff members and administration
  • Monitoring neighborhood chat rooms and bulletin boards
Community Leaders earn 10 GeoPoints per month and are eligible for increased disk space -- but if that's the only reason you want to be a leader, think again. It's hard work. Many of our leaders spend several hours each day answering questions and helping their neighbors set up their sites.
Participation in the Community Leaders program is completely voluntary and you may resign your position at any time.
If you're interested in becoming a Community Leader for your neighborhood, please e-mail leaders@geocities.com​. Include your GeoCities URL and member name, and tell us why you think you'd make a good leader. The more you tell us about yourself and your prior leadership experience, the better your chances of becoming a Community Leader. We get hundreds of applications each week, so it may take up to three weeks for us to get to yours -- we appreciate your patience.
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