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12 May 1996 - 09 Aug 2022
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What's New: We are introducing our new Multi-language support and customizable fields options. See the utilities page for the link to change the language or modify the field names of your guestbook. Also, see below for details.
We also added Guestbook Statistics for your guestbook! See the utilities page for that link! The statistics page shows when your guestbook was signed last, how many entries and how most people were referred to your page.
What's Next: We have one of the largest user communities on the internet! Your homepage will be featured in our catalog which will be viewed by thousands of others. That means more traffic to your website too!
Custom Guestbook Fields or Multiple Language Support
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Back due to popular demand... The 100 Most Classic Guestbook Entries of All Time!
View our guestbook in a growing list of languages...

We've completely redone our multiple language support scheme due to the overwhelming demand. Features include
Inputing your own language with immediate results.
A bi-lingual guestbook. (viewing in any language at any time)
Personalized field names
We've also enabled the ability to substitute other fields in the guestbook, replacing the standard issue. If you've been viewing your guestbook in another language, within a few days you'll be able to have it exactly how you had it before. We are just testing the software for now. Below are links which should give you an idea of what we're talking about.
View our Guestbook...
This option can be found within the utilties page
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