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This website is dedicated to JOHN WOO and TSUI HARK,
two of the greatest film-makers from Hong Kong
whom I greatly admire and respect.

Check out Tsui Hark's new Once Upon A Time In China TV series starring Chiu Mun Chok!

Check out Jet Li's and Tsui Hark's latest movie, BLACK MASK!

Check out ACTION WEB's Special X'mas/New Year greeting to all John Woo and Tsui Hark movie fans! You need a Shockwave plug-in to view this file (38k).
Read the biographies and filmographies of the two
great ones, JOHN WOO and TSUI HARK.
The MOVIE POSTER GALLERY welcomes two new members into the growing family. Check out the posters from JOHN WOO's early works of the 70s, Princess Chang Ping and The Pilferer's Progress (aka Money Crazy)!

Three more movie synopsis are added in TSUI HARK FILM REVIEWS section. Read the synopsis for Once Upon A Time In China, Once Upon A Time In China II and The Lovers. The synopsis for Hard Target has just been included in the JOHN WOO FILM REVIEWS page.

Ever pondered upon the possibility of
ACTION FIGURES from JOHN WOO and TSUI HARK movies? Check out what the future may hold! Latest additions include Major Vic Deakins from John Woo's

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