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20 Dec 1996 - 13 Nov 2020
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Now there's a whole new way to experience GeoCities.
We call it GeoPlus.
Wouldn't you like to have more space for your site, personalize your GeoCities URL, earn lots more GeoPoints, and get a bundle of free software? Now you can, plus much more, for just $4.95 per month by subscribing to GeoPlus!
Everything that's currently free on GeoCities will remain free. But we're adding a new layer. Here's what you get in GeoPlus...
Two ways to subscribe:
To celebrate the official launch of GeoPlus, the following Opening Special Offers will be available through December 31, 1996:
Register online now and pay by credit card:
Pay just $9.90 by credit card for the first three months
- that's one-third off -
and we'll give you a bonus of 50 GeoPoints!
Or join by snail mail and pay by check or money order:
Prepay by check or money order
- for six months (US $29.70) and get one month free -
- or for 12 months (US $59.40) and get two months free -
and we'll give you a bonus of 50 GeoPoints!

More information...

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