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21 Dec 1996 - 28 Oct 2009
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Frequently Asked Questions:
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Hey! Haven't you always said GeoCities was all about free personal home pages?
GeoCities is absolutely, 100% committed to free personal home pages. We'll always have them, and everything that's now free will remain free.In fact, we hope to add value to the free personal home page program as well as to GeoPlus. But we want to add another layer to allow homesteaders, if they choose, to get even more out of their Web publishing experience.
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What can I do with 10 megs?
There's no limit to the creativity we're sure to see with homesteaders using up to 10 megs at their disposal. In fact, we can't wait to see the results. You'll be able to take advantage of the newest technologies for graphics sound and video, which are pretty cool but also take up lots of space. Spread your wings and fly!
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What's a personalized URL
Every GeoCities homesteader has a URL for his site using the same naming convention: www.geocities.com/NeighborhoodName/####. GeoPlus subscribers can make their homestead address more personal, and in many cases shorter, by adding a second address to steer visitors to the same site. You're easily recognized as GeoPlus members by the "~" sign that follows www.geocities.com/, followed by your GeoCities member name. (www.geocities.com/~member_name) The same Content Guidelines that apply to your site also apply to your choice of member name, and your site will be found in the Neighborhood block directory based on its primary address.
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What does 'double GeoPoints' mean? If you’re already a member of our free GeoRewards program, you know all about this. If not, jump over to www.geocities.com/georewards to get the full low-down. Basically, GeoRewards allows you to earn GeoPoints in lots of different ways. There are also other ways, including volunteering for activities such as Community Leader, to earn even more GeoPoints, If you’re a subscriber to GeoPlus, you’ll earn twice the number of GeoPoints you’d earn otherwise. For example, in GeoRewards you earn five points per month just for signing up; as a GeoPlus subscriber, that doubles to ten points per month. And so on up the line!
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How do the live news feeds work?
We've made arrangements with leading information providers for their live news content to be made available to GeoPlus subscribers to be accessible from their sites. The first of these is a Java applet, coupled with a banner featuring messages from GeoCities and its sponsors, that will provide the latest stock quotes, news headlines and charting about a company you choose. Here's an example. It's brought to you by Quote.com, one of the Web's premier providers of the latest stock quotes and financial news. You can add as many of these applets to your pages as you wish. Additionally, sometime in December, we'll add a general information feed based on topics you choose, which will gather the latest information from a variety of sources and make it accessible from wherever you choose on your site. More information, including samples, will be available soon.
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Can you describe the free software in more detail?
We could, but we'd rather you hear it from the source. We've mirrored pages from the McAfee site for you to learn more about WebScan and WebStor with its Personal Vault.
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How much of a discount can I get at the GeoStore?
Every item has a discount, from $2 to $10 or $20 on more expensive items. Plus, remember that those are discounts off of prices that are competitive with any on the Web today.
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What if I don't like GeoPlus?
While we don't recommend making any rash decisions in haste, you can cancel your GeoPlus subscription at any time. We'll keep your account active until the end of the billing cycle you've prepaid for, and won't bill you again if you wish. Simply go to the GeoPlus Subscribers Only area to cancel your account.
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How can I upload to my new GeoPlus directory?
The upload procedure remains the same since there's no separate directory for GeoPlus. The only difference is that your old homepage directory is expanded to 10 MB.
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Is my GeoPlus 10 MB The total space allotted or is it in addition to the free 2 MB space?
GeoPlus member's directory is EXPANDED from the (free) 2 MB to 10 MB. It is not in addition to the free 2 MB.
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Can I put up a commercial page on my GeoPlus account?
Having a GeoPlus membership does not entitle you to a free commercial page. GeoCities has a separate program for commercial accounts. You can find out more about it at http://www.geocities.com/BHI/comm_info.html
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Can I subscribe to GeoPlus if I already have commercial page?
Yes. Commercial pages are upgradable to GeoPlus. It provides you with up to 10 MB of disk space for all the information about your business.
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How do I apply for the personal URL feature?

There is no need to do anything. Within a few hours of your approved GeoPlus application, the personal URL is automatically established based on your user name. The format of the URL is http://www.geocities.com/~yourmembername​.
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I don't like my personal URL, can I change it to something else?
Certainly! Since your personal URL is based on your member name, it can be changed by simply changing the user name using the Personal Profile Editor at http://www.geocities.com/homestead/homeprof.html​.
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Can I include subdirectories or cgi scripts with GeoPlus?
Unfortunately, we still do not allow subdirectories or CGI scripts at this time due to security reasons. All the content and technical guidelines of our homesteaders remain the same.
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I get 10 MB OF Mcafee "personal vault", my disk space allotment is also 10 MB, are they the same thing?
No. The 10 MB of space is located on GeoCities' megacomputer. It is used for various components of your homepage The 10 MB Personal Vault is located on the McAfee server and is not accessible for the purpose of storing files for your homepage.
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Even with the expanded 10 MB of space, it's still not enough. can I buy more space?
Currently we can only offer up to 10 MB for your homepage. We are evaluating the possibility of pay-for-each-byte plan in the future.
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How will I be billed after the initial 3-month membership?
If you choose credit card billing, we'll automatically post a new charge to your card for the upcoming three-month period. The charged amount is $4.95 x 3 = $14.85
For more detailed description of billing options, please go to:
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