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GeoCities Hollywood & Hollywood/Hills Community Leaders
Here are the Community Leaders for the Hollywood & Hollywood/Hills neighborhoods. They are homesteaders who have volunteered to watch over your community and help their neighbors set up home pages, answer questions, and generally keep everything running smoothly. You'll see them in the chat rooms and newsgroups, and they may even e-mail you directly to introduce themselves. Feel free to contact them directly if you have questions -- they're here to help.
If you're interested in becoming a Community Leader yourself, please read our Information Page for more details on the program.
luckyluke (Alberto Hill)
Alberto is a systems engineering student from Montevideo, Uruguay. He loves movies and television, especially actress Nicole Eggert (as you can see from his page). He has gotten mail from people all over the world with comments, suggestions, pictures, etc. about Eggert - he didn't know she had so many fans!
Webpageman (Will Joyner)
Will was very excited to find GeoCities in April 1996. His page includes a weekly "favorite actor" contest, several fan clubs and more and has won many awards. He is an HTML expert and is currently learning Java, and he spends a lot of time online (mostly in GeoCities).
Jisuarez (Jorge Ivan Suarez Martin)
Ivan moved to GeoCities in June 1996. He and his friends like to make movies and his site describes some of their recent projects. He can help out with HTML and computer problems and speaks English, Spanish and French.
Hollywood 6521
Crumbler is a Simpsons fanatic. When he’s not finding new ways to stir things up, he’s more than happy to help with anything at all.
Fareek (Chris Lahay)
Fareek moved into Hollywood in July 1996 to start his page dedicated to the NBC sitcom "Boston Common." He loves comedy and films and spends lots of time watching sitcoms, B-movies and working on his pages. He has a good working knowledge of HTML and is only an e-mail away if you need help. He looks forward to visiting your homepage and offering any advice and help that he can.
Markreeves (Mark Reeves)
Mark runs a business designing web sites in his spare time, but he's always willing to offer free help to anyone who's interested. He's very excited about being a community leader and is looking forward to meeting new friends along the way.
Sorsha (Ellen Chan)
Sorsha joined Hollywood in the spring of 1996 to create a page about "Batman Forever" and "Heat" star Val Kilmer. She's looking forward to helping make Geocities the best it can possibly be.
Ampres (Megan Sullivan)
When Megan saw "The American President," she knew she had to turn it into a web site. She understands HTML and is hoping to learn JAVA in the near future. She is willing to help with pages, whether it be design, technical help, or just coming up with ideas.
Smurfbyn (Robin Ericsson)
Robin is a Smurf fan and likes to chat on IRC. He speaks Swedish and English.
sarahbr (Sarah Brennecke)
Sarah is a fan of everything sci-fi and loves the X-Files and Star Trek.
Firebee (Roy Schelkers)
Roy is glad to have a way to help his neighbors, since so many of them helped him when he was getting started. You can even talk to him (in English, Dutch or German) using Iphone, Freetel or IRC.
Sman (Zohar Gilboa
Zohar thinks "Lois and Clark" is the best show on earth, which is pretty obvious if you visit his site. He's looking forward to answering your questions. He speaks English, Hebrew and French.
Neosaturn (Shalen Hutchings)
Shalen didn't know a thing about building web pages when he moved into Hollywood, but he's built a nice page about "Sailor Moon," one of his favorite cartoons.
Majcullah (Jeremy Orr)
Jeremy loves music and plays the guitar, trombone and piano. He likes sports like curling, swimming, skiing and biking.
Jedichris (Chris Concannon)
It's obvious that Chris loves Star Wars, but he's also a nice person who is always more than willing to help a fellow GeoCitizen with their problems (technical and otherwise). You'll often find him in the GeoCities Help Chat.
Rosko (Douglas J. Ash)
Douglas has an intense interest in comic books. In addition to reading the occasional comic here and there, Doug also is an artist. He's had a prosthetic leg since he was eight years old and decided to name his page "Rosko's Prosthetic Palace."
Mambo_king (Ivan Han)
Hollywood 8883
Ivan is very familiar with the Internet and is proficient in HTML, Java and ActiveX. He also has some experience with Photoshop and 3DMax.
Sarahbr (Sarah Brennecke)
Sarah likes all things sci-fi, especially The X-Files and Star Trek. She's also on the advisory board for the National Marrow Donor Program's web site.
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