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21 Dec 1996 - 28 Oct 2009
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GeoCities Hollywood presents
The Top 10 Movie Contest
Tired of reading other critics' "Top 10 Movies of 1996" lists? We want YOU choose the best movies of 1996 and win free GeoProducts!
Here's how:
Fill out the forms below. Tell us the best movie you saw in 1996, and exactly what percentage of the votes (to the nearest 100th of a percent, i.e. 5.68% or 8.21%) the top movie of the year will ultimately get by the end of the contest (not necessarily the one you picked).
Every few days, we'll post and update the list of 10 movies that have gotten the most votes so far (without the percentages).
Five GeoCitizens with the closest predictions will win. We'll choose the winners in early January. If there's a tie, the entry that was submitted first will win. (So enter now!) You must be a GeoCities member to participate, and only one entry per member will count. Don't enter more than once -- if you do, you'll be disqualified. All votes should be received by midnight, December 31st, 1996.
First Prize:
A six-month subscription to GeoPlus
Second Prize:
Our beautiful GeoPolo shirt or 270 GeoPoints
Third Prize:
A GeoHat or 160 GeoPoints
Fourth Prize:
GeoCities t-shirt with personalized home page logo or 130 GeoPoints
Fifth Prize:
A GeoCities coffee mug or 100 GeoPoints
Special Bonus:
If the winner is a GeoPlus member when submitting his or her vote and chooses GeoPoints as the prize, he or she will receive double GeoPoints!
Please enter the title of the ONE best movie you saw in 1996, followed by the percentage of the total votes you think the winning movie will get (i.e. Your Movie, 75.46%)

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