Combat Simulation
For good Role Play to occur it is important that everyone knows what exactly is going on in a certain situation. This rule is of utmost importance during combat. First we must remember, in a fight, our rules for general Role Play, one pose per other player's pose. (see 'news RP3')
We want to allow our players all the freedom we can during Role Playing. While some MU* have players roll for each statistic during combat, this process can be very long and drawn out. It can also be very complicated to learn for new players. Here we try to make it easy.
You pose, they pose, you pose, they pose. However, when you are involved in combat, and fighting there are a few others rules that are important to know.
1) POSE YOUR OWN DAMAGE. This rule cannot be stressed enough. When in a brawl or fight you are to pose your own damage. Just /your damage/ not anyone else's. You pose yourself getting hit. You never pose having hit the other person.
Bad: Preacher punches Superguy in the face causing blood to go everywhere.
Good: Preacher swings his fist, aimed at Superguy's face.
Superguy poses> Superguy winces, the fist making contact with his face. He falls backwards.
As seen in the the previous good example we see that it was Superguy, not Preacher, who posed the damage he received. Also we see that when Preacher attacks he is very carefull about his pose. He does not mention that he has hit Superguy at all, just that he has /aimed/ a punch.
2) You CAN specify the direction of your attack. Just make sure to remember rule 1 and not pose the other person getting hit by the attack. Remember that is their responsibility, not yours.
The words you use during combat can make the difference between a bad and a good pose.
DON'T POSE: Preacher kicks Superguy in the stomach.
DO POSE: Preacher /aims/ a kick at Superguy's stomach.
DON'T POSE: Preacher takes his gun and shoots Superguy in the leg.
DO POSE: Preacher takes out his gun and starts firing at Superguy.
You want to give the person that you are attacking a reasonable amount of time to respond, heck it is only fair.
If you have some sort of attack that you are unsure of, you're probably wondering, now what? The answer is easy:
PAGE the person you are attacking.
Tell them what you are going to do. Check to see if it is alright. If you are planning on cutting someone's unprotected head off with your sword, the one being attacked might have a problem with that attack. So you just might want to page the person first.
* Remember it is better to be safe, than sorry.
Always try to remember where you are fighting. Fighting inside someone's /private/ building, causing damage, and possibly distroying their place is not only bad, but very rude.
If possible all fights should be taken outside, or to a place owned by a public BLDR character, like cities.
**If a fight does occur @mail should be sent to the owner of the building. Please include a new description of the area in the @mail so that the owner, or Wizard can keep the descriptions up to date.
Again unless you have received permission OOCly to destroy someone's building, or part of the city you will be held accountable.
Sometimes when a battle occurs, people will start to converge on said battle site. This is called Lemming and we ask to take special care before performing this 'twinkish' action. Battles are confusing enough being one on one. When you start raising the number to 2-2, 4-3, 5-3, 5-1 it tends to get worse, before it gets better.
If you feel you're character should ICly be in the location where a battle is occurring, before you move in you might want to double check to see if it is alright. Either via:
1) a page, or
2) over the RP Channel
RP Channels and Paging:
The Role-Playing channels and the 'page' command are there for a reason. Use them don't abuse them. Combat is busy. Peope are trying to concentrait on the battle, and if there are alot of +SOOC comments one can get lost, and lose interest in the battle all together.
If a question does arise during combat, or you want to make a general comment about the fight leave it on the channels, or page the person in question.
SPAM is NOT our friend.
People spend hours and hours trying to perfect their characters. To then see that character get killed in combat is very upsetting. If possible we ask that you:
DO NOT KILL ANOTHER PLAYER WITHOUT THIER OOC PERMISSION!!! We want to make RP here as spontaneous and free as possible. And the Wizards really do not want to retcon any RP. So rather than having problems in the future, just remember the rules of the present. If everyone follows the rules there should not be a problem.
If you have any other questions about what is going on during combat, if you are unsure about your power, if you are unsure about another player's power...and despite all your personal searching, for the life of you still can't find an answer: remember there is help around.
If a RP Wizard is On-Duty feel free to page or @mail them with your question. The Wizards are all fairly well versed in their fields, and can answer almost any question you may have for them.
Or if a RP Judge or Helper is On-Duty you can ask them for help too. After all that's what they are there for :)
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Character Descriptions
The description you have given yourself is a very important aspect of Roleplay. But just as you must pay attention to the clothes you wear, and how you look, you must pay also attention to the objects you carry, and the things you use during Roleplay.
Remember what year we are in ICly. You do not want to Roleplay how you just went to the movies and saw Independence Day, a movie in the summer of 1996, when the IC year is only 1994.
The same can be said for cars. How can you be driving a 1996 Lexus, when the IC year has not gotten there yet?
Also certain brands that exist in our world are slightly different in the DC Universe. Soder Cola is the number one softdrink in the DC Universe, not Coca-Cola/Pepsi. For little company changes like these that effect Roleplay check out the *news Miscellaneous* We have a whole list of DC products there for your reading pleasure.
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In-Character Jail Time
If you are a criminal, and engaged in criminal activity on the game, you also have to be prepared for the possibility that you may be captured and incarcerated. Some characters, like Lex Luthor, have a team of lawyers to ensure this does not happen. Others, like the Joker, are famous for their escapes. However, the bulk of criminal activity does not go so lightly punished. If you are arrested by a legitimate police force , then please expect that character to be somewhat dormant while you play your alt: as they will be serving jail time.
Now, this does not mean you will have your character locked up forever. What happens:
The person who arrested you should fill out this short form and @mail it to the RP Wizards: Person Arrested: Date and Time Arrested: Charges:
The RP Wizards will determine the sentance, based on the offense. Though RL time and VL time are the same for Zero Hour, jail sentances are condensed and will not reflect that. Escape is not permitted without permission from an RP Wizard.
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Non-Player Characters
NPCs or Non Playing Characters are a vital part of Roleplay. They are called NPCs because there is no one there constantly playing them at a given time. They are the people that are there, but you do not see. They are the people that are around you when you are ICly shopping. They are the people you pose buying something from. Normally an NPC is @emitted by someone else during roleplay. When doing NPC @emits we ask that you follow a few simple guidelines:
1) Pay attention to the IC time. Would there be more than 5 people walking in front of the Daily Planet building at 4:30am? And after 10pm, would a woman be likely to stroll her baby through the park? Most likely the answer to both questions would be no.
NPC Deaths: People die everyday, but please be careful about killing NPCs. If you are very careful you may be able to murder someone at night without anyone finding out. But if you try the same thing during broad daylight chances are someone else is going to see you, and they would end up calling the cops. In fights between heroes, and villains people are probably going to get hurt as well. But please be careful.
***** The Wizards ask that if you are planning on killing or injuring more than 10 NPCs during RP that you seek permission via a page/@mail before hand. If no one is online to give such permission then we ask that you use good judgement, and some common sense before you continue with your actions.
***** If more than 50 citizens end up being killed, or injured in a battle then obviously the battle was a major plot. It then should have first been submitted and approved by a Wizard via a TP application. ***
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