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21 Dec 1996 - 23 Oct 2009
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Have you ever wondered "Why can't there be action figures from Hong Kong movies like those from American movies?" I've always asked myself this question. One can say that there is little market or demand for them. It may also be that they do not have mass appeal like STAR WARS action figures. But, will you be looking forward to the day when you see action figures from JOHN WOO and TSUI HARK movies? This may not be a reality yet, but for now let me share with all JOHN WOO and TSUI HARK movie fans what the future may hold...
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Action Figure #1
The example shown on the left is an action figure of Sung Chi Hao, actor Di Lung's character in A BETTER TOMORROW. The figure carries an UZI sub-machinegun and a katana sword used in the showdown in A BETTER TOMORROW II.

Action Figure #2
The example on the right is an action figure of Ding Lek, Andy Lau's character in SHANGHAI GRAND. The action figure carries a hand pistol, much like the one used in the movie.

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