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21 Dec 1996 - 14 Dec 2018
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Welcome to the
Blue Candle Home Page
Blessed Be Your Journey

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Merry Meet-
Welcome to my attempt to assist in the healing of both critters and people
through the world of Cyberspace.
Geocities says: people/beings have accessed my page since 11/28/96.
The name of my page comes from the Blue Candle that would be used in
a Wiccan healing ritual.
I would like to assist as many as possible in feeling better about
themselves, as I feel that this is where true healing must begin.
My critters and some I have rescued.
My hobby & second home
Healing Links​Wiccan, Health, Volunteer, and related events
(Always under construction, E-Mail me with suggestions or compliments/complaints!)
Politics & Stuff
Self Healing Tip of the month:
Get a pet!
Studies (and my own experience) have shown that if you have something that depends on you, it makes you feel needed.
Not to mention there is nothing like the antics of some critter to put a smile on your face!
If you feel time is a constraint a fish tank, known to relieve stress by watching it, is a good choice, or a caged critter, mice, small bird, etc.
Cat's are very independent creatures, a continual feeder & waterer leaves just a litter box to clean every 2 to 3 days. If you live in the country and can let the cat outside even better.
Whatever animal you choose, ensure you know all there is to caring for it. The local humane society, can provide literature and references for you.
If a more exotic pet is what you desire check with the humane socities for local rescue shelters, ie: Pot Bellied pig rescue, Reptile rescue , Rabbit sanctuaries. The Web itself is full of links to places and information on adopting an animal companion (pet).
Just type in what your looking for!
For anyone who is into hard work, exercise or both! There is a product on the market called "Riders Reward" it is a mineral salt bath additive that has eucalyptus, pine, and some other good things in it. Whew! I found it at the local tack shop, it is incredible. Great for sore muscles!
I have found this to be wonderful for colds as well!
Disclaimer: I am not a doctor. The tips and advise on this page
are things that I have discovered from battling bouts of
depression (successfully) for apprx. 20 years.
They are for use by people who will take responsibility for their own actions ONLY!
A trail I was on, knew not where it led
Wonderful things happening in my head
The destination I found full of charm
My path taketh me to Four Quarters Farm

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