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Welcome to the GeoCities Post Office
Please read the following information before sending us email. This will help ensure that your question is received by the appropriate department, and you are given a timely and accurate answer.
  1. Read the Current Announcements page before sending us E-mail. We often post vital information there about system outages and known problems.
  2. When sending us E-mail, always include your GeoCities address, member name, and correct E-mail address.
  3. There is a lot of information available on-line, and the answer you need is likely posted somewhere on our site. Please see the Information page, the Help page and the FAQ page (Frequently Asked Questions) before writing to us.
Send mail to our Sales Department if you're interested in advertising or setting up your commercial page on GeoCities. Do you know that we have over 200,000 active homesteaders? You can get all the latest traffic statistics on our Advertising Information Page.
Send mail to our Help Department if you are having difficulty using one of our utilities, transfering your files, or completing the application form.
For help adding images to your page or other HTML issues, please visit Athens 2090. For help obtaining your password, please visit our password help page. For the fastest response to any question you have, visit the GeoCities Help Center first.
Send mail to our President if you have a non-technical concern such as an idea to improve our site, a request for additional file type support, a comment about our service, or a question for the management of GeoCities.
Send mail to our Content Managers if you wish to report someone violating our Page Content Guidelines. For more details, please see our Neighborhood Watch Page.
Send mail to our GeoRewards Manager if you have any questions or comments about the program. Don't forget to check the "Time in the Que" page first if you're wondering how long it's taking to respond to your entry. You can get all the program details on our GeoRewards Information Page.
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