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21 Dec 1996 - 28 Oct 2009
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Psssst! Here are some even better offers including our Enhanced Plan
Want an even better GeoRewards program? Here are two ways:

  1. Apply for the Featured Home Page program. These high-quality sites, selected by GeoCities, are featured on each neighborhood home page. Participants can benefit from GeoRewards in special ways:
    • You compete in your own select sweepstakes pool, not the larger GeoTicket pool for core participants.
    • Plus, in addition to the GeoPoints you earn automatically just for participating, you'll earn 40 GeoPoints more for each 1,000 qualified visits to the pages in your site that are displaying GeoRewards' members banners.
  2. Join GeoPlus, our special member services program, where you get 10 megs of space, a personalized URL, live news feeds, and lots more, including this extra benefit for GeoRewards members:
    Earn double GeoPoints for any program you enter in which GeoPoints are awarded. With GeoPlus, Basic and Enhanced GeoRewards members get 10 GeoPoints a month, plus Enhanced members can earn 80 GeoPoints for each 1,000 qualified visits to their pages that are displaying GeoRewards' members banners. (Don't tell them we told you, but this way you can even pay for GeoPlus with the GeoPoints you earn in GeoRewards! Sound good? We thought so.)
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