Slave I is Boba Fett's unique starship. It is quite similar to its owner: obviously dangerous and with many deadly surprises for those who would dare challenge it.
Slave I is a highly modified Firespray-class patrol and attack ship originally designed for planetary law enforcement and interdiction duty. Fett has rebuilt this outdated vessel to be the perfect bounty-hunting ship. It has several hidden weapon systems, a dedicated sensor masking and tracking system, interior prisoner cages, reinforced armor plating, and powerful shield generators, all of which enable Fett to fend off assailants and disable the craft of his quarry.
The ship has an unusual aspect: it lands with its engines down, and in flight, it flies effectively "standing up. Two-thirds of Slave I's interior is dedicated to the powerful Kuat Engineering Systems F-31 drive engines and the four Kuat X-F-16 power generators, giving Slave I the speed of an Alliance Y-wing fighter.
The interior sections are cramped, containing only enough room for Fett's living quarters, his equipment locker, and the six prisoner cages, which include a contraband Force cage to contain Force-using individuals.
The bottom rear section of the hull has fully rotating twin blaster cannons. Slave I also conceals a forward-firing concussion-missile launcher and ion cannon as well as a turret-mounted tractor-beam projector and a pair of proton torpedo launchers that are also on a turret. Combatants normally are so intent on avoiding the blaster cannons that they blunder right into the hidden torpedo launchers' field of fire.
In addition to combat-grade shields and sensors, Slave I has an illegal sensor masking and jamming system that allows it to slip through sensor grids undetected. This system, thought to be an Imperial Navy military secret, was somehow acquired by Fett and has given him a decisive advantage on many hunts. He can use the system to sneak onto worlds undetected, much to the dismay of his targets and planetary law-enforcement agents.
Slave I has dummy proton torpedoes mounted with homing beacons and S-thread trackers. By tagging a ship with one of these dummy beacons, Fett can use his contraband HoloNet transceiver to track ships through hyperspace. In other words, once he has found you, it is almost impossible to dodge the infamous Boba Fett.
After Fett's apparent death, Slave I was captured by Rebel Alliance forces and held in impound on the planet Grakouine. Fett managed to get the ship back without alerting the New Republic that he was alive. In his most recent encounter with Han Solo, Boba Fett used Slave I to chase down the Millennium Falcon on the smugglers' moon of Nor Shaddaa, but once again Solo evaded capture by his old foe.