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Are you as keen about fishing as I am ? Have you surfed the web and used all the search engines only not to find what you really wanted to know about fishing in Sth Australian waters. Well I did, so I thought I put my meagre expertise in the fine art of fishing to computer and build a web site that focuses primarily on fishing in and around the waters of Adelaide, Yorke and Eyre Peninsulas.
My aim is to provide to you information on the following topics.
Information on Various Fish Species, Type of Baits used, Fishing Rigs
Personal Adventures, Stories of Successes & Failures
Hot Spots in the Metropolitan Area, Yorke and Eyre Peninsulas
Fishing Tips and Secrets
How to Tie a Knot
Identify Various Types of Hooks
How to Read a Beach
Fishing Ethics and Etiquette
How to Prepare & Cook Fish
What You had to Say - Fisherman's Corner
Over the coming months, changes to this site such as animated graphics, additional links and more information will take effect, and hopefully will provide if not a more appealing, then enjoyable web site for you to visit. In this regard, your views and input is critical, considering that even though I'm having a great time writing this web site, ultimately I want you to gain something useful from it.
Suggestions, tips, any form of input from you will also play a large role in the the format, design and success of this site. You may even see your name up in lights for any constructive input you may have to offer relevant to this site.
My efforts in writing and designing a web site are meager compared to some of the sites and pages I've seen on the Internet. Naturally my selection of topics is biased, so should you feel the urge or need to see any additions or changes to this page, let me know and I'll put it in.
So, definitely stay tuned, come back often, watch this page grow, and may we all be happy hookers !!
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