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21 Dec 1996 - 27 Oct 2009
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Two week's ago Contest with my gagline:
Winning Entry
The winning punch line was
"Look Bob....Tom's sleep working !"
subimtted by LeVonda Vickery
She may now contact me for her choice of a computtoons t-shirt or a copy of my html book or of my A Man's Guide to Pregnancy book (coming late this month).
I had a lot of great entries (many about AOL and a couple good ones on hypnotism and some on avoiding carpal tunnel) so it was not an easy choice! I went with LeVonda's because it was a little different and I like using the names Bob and Tom. Thanks to everybody who entered.
The winner is...LeVonda Vickery
Check out my novel The Plutonium Blonde now appearing on the Sci Fi Channel​! It's a fun, hypertext, futuristic, PI adventure.
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