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21 Dec 1996 - 28 Oct 2009
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Personal Home Page Password Look-Up
Use this utility to look-up your password if you have forgotten it or feel that you never received it. You will need to provide your member name, E-mail address, or Address in the GeoCities.
Before you use this utility, please verify that your member name is still listed next to your address in the Neighborhood Directory.
This utility will generate an E-mail to the address you registered with. If your E-mail address was listed incorrectly on the application, or if you no longer can read mail at that address, please visit our Online Help Guide for information about how to resolve this situation.
Please provide us with one of the following items so we can search the database and send you your password.
PROFILE INFORMATION (for verification only.)
Member Name:
E-mail Address:
GeoCities Address:
Neighborhood Address:
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