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Personal Home Page Program
Free home pages and email are among a long list of tools and features offered to GeoCitizens -- join one of our communities and find out for yourself!
Follow these simple steps to apply for your free Personal Home Page, and your free Email account in GeoCities.
Step 1 - Browse the Neighborhood Directory and choose a neighborhood to live in.
Be sure to choose a neighborhood with a theme that corresponds to the content of your Home Page. Don't choose a neighborhood based on its proximity to where you live, but rather choose one whose theme aligns with the theme of your home page. For example, if your page is about the entertainment industry, you should be located in Hollywood. If it's about your favorite sports team, then choose the Colosseum Neighborhood.
Step 2 - Find a vacant address in the correct neighborhood.
We now have two ways to find a vacancy in the neighborhood of your choice. Beginning from the neighborhood's main page, you may search through the numbered address blocks in the residential district until you locate a space that says "vacant" next to it, or you can simply click on the word "Join" on the main neighborhood page and follow the directions there. By choosing "yes" on the next page, you'll automaticaly be transferred to the "Vacancy Locator" for that neighborhood.
Regardless of the method that you choose, you will likely find more vacancies in the higher numbered address blocks, since those were added most recently.
Step 3 - Click on the words "Apply for this address" to reserve your space.
This will automatically transfer you to the Application Form with the address portion of the form already filled out. Complete the rest of the form and be sure to give the correct E-mail address, or you will not receive your password allowing you to move in to your new home.
Once the application form is accepted, you will receive an E-Mail confirming your application information, and giving you a password for use in creating your own Personal Home Page. You are then able to use one of our Home Page Editors to create your Personal Home Page, or, submit your custom Home Page and GIFs/JPGs using our new EZ File Upload Utility or FTP. Please remember to take a minute to read our Page Content Guidelines before you get started.
For more specific help setting up your Home Page, please read our Help Page and our FAQ Page. These pages will provide specific information on what you can include on your pages, and how to do it.
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