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Welcome to GeoCities Homesteader Utilities.
Members can use the following utilities to update their home page and manage their account information.
  • To get your own free personal home page, and free GeoCities Email account, please visit our information page.
  • For a list of cool features in GeoCities, including some great things to add to your home page, please visit our GeoCities Features Page.
Member Utilities
The File Manager
NEW! Our File Mananger put our most popular tools all in one convenient place, including the Home Page Editors, EZ Upload and Disk Usage. Enter your member name and password once and you're on your way!
Help us bring the world to your GeoCities doorstep!
Choose keywords for your site and we'll help Web surfers find you through all kinds of online directories. Just fill out this simple form.
- The GeoCities help files
Search GeoCities
- Use our search engine to locate pages in GeoCities or to look up an email address.
Member Lookup Utility
- Find a member's home page with our new lookup utility.
Move to a Different Address
- Relocate within GeoCities and your entire directory moves with you.
Password Utility
- Did you lose your password? Get it back fast right here.
Personal Profile Editor
- For reviewing and updating everything in your GeoCities account.
Profile Deletion
- For deleting your entire GeoCities profile.
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