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Neighborhood Directory and Profile
Our Homesteaders set up residency in one of our thirty themed communities, based on the content of their home page. For access to their pages or other neighborhood features, click on the name of the neighborhood that interests you.
If you are interested in joining one of our communities, follow the link to the neighborhood that you'd like to reside in and choose "Join" on the main neighborhood page.
Neighborhood Descriptions
Area51, Area51/Corridor, or Area51/Vault
A brave new world for science fiction and fantasy fans.
Athens, Athens/Acropolis or Athens/Forum
Two communites based on education, teaching, reading, writing and philosophy. Teachers, philosophers, and those interested in literature will feel at home here.
GeoCities tribute to the Big Easy features jazz, Cajun food and culture, along with a healthy dose of Southern hospitality.
Footlights, greasepaint and the excitement of live theater and show business.
CapeCanaveral or CapeCanaveral/Lab
This neighborhood is a bastion of science and technology. Engineering, mathematics, aviation, and all the sciences are featured here.
CapitolHill or CapitolHill/Lobby
Politics, government, state and national affairs. Members of this neighborhood have strong opinions and are not afraid to express them.
CollegePark or CollegePark/Quad
A taste of university life, from academics to extracurriculars.
Colosseum, Colosseum/Field or Colosseum/Track
If you're a sports aficionado, you'll want to work out in the Colosseum. From the Olympics to amateur and professional sports, all recreational activities are featured.
Enchanted Forest
A place for and about kids. Games, stories, educational sites, and homepages created by kids themselves.
Heartland, Heartland/Hills, or Heartland/Plains
A family oriented neighborhood that represents Main Street in cyberspace. This is the place to find parenting, pets, and home town values.
Hollywood, Hollywood/Hills or Hollywood/Set
Entertainment capital of the world. Movies, television, and our live video camera at the corner of Hollywood and Vine!
Visit GeoCities HotSprings where the focus is on health and fitness. From nutrition and medical issues to soothing spas and resorts, improving physical and mental health is the ultimate goal.
MotorCity or MotorCity/Downs
With a wave of the checkered flag, MotorCity caters to automotive and racing enthusiasts.
Uncork a bottle of wine and join NapaValley homesteaders in the search for gourmet foods and recipes, followed by dessert and a fine cigar.
Paris or Paris/LeftBank
Poetry, the arts, fine wine, and continental lifestyle are what Paris is known for. A community for those who feel at home in the world's most romantic location.
A green neighborhood where the environment and conservation reign supreme.
A think tank where high-tech visionaries and cybercitizens talk about the future of computing.
Shopping and upscale living define the experience of RodeoDrive.
SiliconValley, SiliconValley/Heights, SiliconValley/Lakes, SiliconValley/Park, or SiliconValley/Pines
Hardware, software, chips and programming: A haven for the technical whiz kids among us. Our most popular neighborhood.
SoHo or SoHo/Lofts
The place where bohemian artists and writers congregate and display their work.
SouthBeach, SouthBeach/Marina or SouthBeach/Sands
The high-style hot spot for hanging out, meeting and greeting, seeing and being seen.
SunsetStrip, SunsetStrip/Alley, SunsetStrip/Palms, or SunsetStrip/Towers
Walk on the wild side, where rock 'n roll, blues, grunge, and punk fill the clubs and the nightlife is anything but sleepy.
TheTropics or TheTropics/Shores
Ever dreamed of living in paradise? Vacation, resort, travel and leisure opportunities can be found in TheTropics.
A GeoCities community dedicated to everything about television - from fan clubs, to sitcoms, to late night talk shows.
TimesSquare, TimesSquare/Alley, or TimesSquare/Arcade
Computer and video games, role-playing, interactive adventure and more. Explore the worlds of strategy and fantasy with like-minded gamers.
Tokyo or Tokyo/Towers
For those interested in all things about and from the Far East.
Classical music, opera, and ballet define this decidedly upscale community with Old World charm.
WallStreet or WallStreet/Floor
Where GeoCitizens do business. A center for finance, business, commerce, and investing.
WestHollywood or WestHollywood/Heights
A community with a culture based on gay and lesbian identity.
Yosemite or Yosemite/Trails
This is the venue for outdoor recreation enthusiasts. Hiking, climbing, skiing, rafting, camping and everything else you do in the great outdoors is found here.
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