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22 Feb 1997 - 23 Oct 2009
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GeoCities Staff - Content
"Content" is a pretty nebulous word, so the content department spends a lot of time trying to define its raison d'etre. So far we're pretty sure they handle the Community Leaders program, pick out the best homesteads to feature, run those cool chat events on the GeoCities Mainstage, oversee GeoRewards and GeoPlus, and catch all those nasty typos.

Erika is still having trouble believing she's married -- are grownups really supposed to walk around the office barefoot? She and her husband Michael spend their non-working hours playing string quartets, hiking and talking about organizing their lives.
Solange, a Berkeley native, is still having trouble believing she actually moved to L.A. And, no, she is not French. When she’s not thinking of innovative ideas for GeoCities and honing her pool game, she's at local coffee shops and comedy clubs doing stand-up comedy. Solange’s other passions are writing, shopping and exfoliating.

Nicole likes working here and thinks her co-workers are cool people (smart woman), and she especially likes being able to Rollerblade to work. She's into sports, especially waterskiing, is open-minded and likes learning anything new. Pay Nicole a visit at Yosemite1167.
Marc is an obvious New Yorker who is still (after three years) having trouble adjusting to the California lifestyle. When he's not working or rehearsing with his band, Your Mom, he's at home with his three live-in females (one each of adult, child and dog). Check out his GeoCities page at SunsetStrip8898​.

Kathy is working on her creative writing degree at USC, hoping to become the next Thomas Pynchon. When she's not writing, she's slaving away at her computer. If she's been good, she'll get a night off to hang out at some gothic/industrial/fetish club. Sometimes she gets to go to the gym, have dinner with her boyfriend and spend time with her little boy.
Jason started his net "career" as a sysop for his own online IBM RBBS a decade ago. While getting his MBA at UC Irvine, Jason got swept into the addictive world of the Web and now spends much of his spare time surfing. His biggest obessions are DJing/mixing club/dance music and building a home theater. Visit his GeoCities page at SunsetStrip/2005​.

Laura is a charming, intelligent 21-year-old who loves children and is determined to become a teacher. She is also Dan's more intelligent half. But don't let her appearance fool you -- she has nine tattoos, some of which you can't see in this picture, even with a magnifying glass. (Can you tell Dan wrote this?)
Danny is 22, intelligent, sweet, considerate and a workaholic. Dan's shyness fades with familiarity and friendship. He's the kind of guy who remains a gentleman at all times. And he's Laura's "significant other" -- in fact, they announced their engagement at the GeoCities holiday party! (Can you tell Laura wrote this?)
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