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22 Feb 1997 - 23 Oct 2009
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GeoCities Staff - Programming
The programmers work night and day to create new, better, easier ways of doing things here at GeoCities, both for you and for us. Day and night. Night. Lots of night.

John #1
This John, who heads the programming and operations clan, sometimes claims to be a former Marine -- and that wouldn't surprise us. He has that drill sergeant air about him. And judging by his biceps, he can do more pushups than anyone else in the office.
You know all those great GeoCities e-mail accounts you all have? Kevin did that. Know those chat rooms? Kevin keeps them running. Kevin is God.

Rick, our software manager, spends an inordinate amount of time on the freeway. (Likes the job. Likes the house. Hates the commute.) When he's not in his car, he's on the golf course, skiing or at home with his girlfriend Stacie and their dog Cabo (named after that infamous getaway).
A Boston native, Greg has learned to tolerate the absence of dirty grey slush. He enjoys rollerblading, basketball, snowboarding, all movies (foreign films to cult classics) and video games.

John #2
This John is our native L.A. surfer dude programmer. In fact, he created the online editor we're using to create these pages. Can you tell why his nickname is Bam-Bam?

We're seeing a lot more of Gary now that he's finished his second master's degree (yikes). And while he was in the throes of his schooling, he still had time to create the absolutely amazing EZ Upload tool. Puts the rest of us to shame.

Nate's favorite restaurants are Cody's Kitchen in San Francisco, the Coal Wharf in North Haven (Maine) and any sidewalk cafe in Florence (Italy). Next year he wants to learn to ride a horse (correctly), make a cameo appearance on ER, get a great frisbee dog and visit his mom back east.
John #3
One of newer guys on the block, Johnny is now a happy camper because he's especially interested in Internet-related technologies. He's getting his MS in computer science but still has time (sometimes) to Rollerblade, mountain bike, go dancing and hang out in the #asian channel on IRC.
A nerdy little guy with a bad haircut, Joseph has shown no hint of a social life. His only goal in life is to ensure that visitors to GeoCities enjoy their stay. But he seems like a happy guy, so what can you say? In his spare time, Joseph enjoys writing about himself in the third person.
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