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22 Feb 1997 - 22 Oct 2009
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GeoCities Staff - Site Development
These are the gatekeepers of the site. None of the rest of us can do anything without sending it through one of these HTML gurus. Lucky for us they work all the time. (Not so lucky for them, though.)
Mark likes to take advantage of the Southern California beach life that he lacked growing up in Michigan. The scant few hours a week he's not in the office he spends with his girlfriend Patty (and her little dog too) cruising the strand and local parks. Mark also enjoys an occasional Palm Springs golf weekend, fine wine and cigars, and some of the finer L.A.-area restaurants.
Works here since July '96 and likes it a lot. He often joins Chris on the roof to have a cigarette (even in the rain).

Tall. Happy. Hates cats. Is one of the more recent additions to GeoCities. Drives big truck. Likes art. Smokes in the rain if he has to. Likes computer lots.
Originally from Hawai`i, Mike is a junior at USC double-majoring in psychology and East Asian languages and cultures with an emphasis on Japanese. Despite this very official description, he has no direction in his life. He plays too many video games, sleeps way too much and studies way too little. Check out his GeoCities page at CollegePark/1000​.
Rob has toured the world as a musician and once won $200 in a chess tournament. Born in Philadelphia, he now resides in Los Angeles with his lovely wife Trish and two incessantly inarticulate parakeets who prefer to remain nameless.
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