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Banner Exchange Programs
Wouldn't it be great to be able to advertise your site all over GeoCities, and all over the Web? Now you can! GeoCities offers two programs designed to do just that. You create a banner, or enlist a volunteer to help you, and it will be displayed on other sites. All you need to do is join these programs, add some simple code to your page, and the rest is automatic. The more times you display other peoples' banners on your page, the more times your banner will appear on other peoples sites.
GeoCitizens can take advantage of two programs:
GeoRewards is GeoCities own banner exchange program. It has a few simple rules. You just create a banner, or ask for a volunteer's help to do so, and add some simple code to your page. The rest is our work: we take care of posting banners to your page; we count how many times you display banners, and the number of times your banner appears is directly proportional to that. Plus, there are extras. You earn GeoTickets, good for a monthly drawing for terrific prizes, each time you display a banner on your page. You also can earn GeoPoints, the currency of GeoCities, just for participating. GeoPoints are redeemable for values in the GeoStore.
Internet Link Exchange is a very similar program with a special added benefit: your Internet Link Exchange banners appear not only on other GeoCities pages, but also on other member pages all over the Web. There are already more than 25,000 member sites in the Link Exchange network. You can be part of the Web's widest ranging banner exchange network.
Join both today!
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