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This website is dedicated to JOHN WOO and TSUI HARK,
two of the greatest film-makers from Hong Kong
whom I greatly admire and respect.
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Check out Once Upon A Time In China & America!

Check out Tsui Hark's new Once Upon A Time In China TV series starring Chiu Mun Chok!

New! Thought it was time I came up with a FILM RECOMMENDATION (of non John Woo/Tsui Hark works) section. The first in the line is BIG BULLET, a 1996 classic cops and robbers movie from HK director Benny Chan.
New! Want to correspond with JOHN WOO and TSUI HARK?
Check out the SCRAP BOOK, a new section showcasing newspaper clippings and photographs of WOO/HARK movies and related stuff compiled over the years.
Read the biographies and filmographies of the two
great ones, JOHN WOO and TSUI HARK.
The MOVIE POSTER GALLERY welcomes two new member into the family. Check out the poster for Tsui Hark's "Once Upon A Time In China IV" and
"Once Upon A Time In China V".
Ever pondered upon the possibility of
ACTION FIGURES from JOHN WOO and TSUI HARK movies? Check out what the future may hold! Latest additions include Major Vic Deakins from John Woo's

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